Dr. Kenneth Hughes, MD
Harvard Trained, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills
9700 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA (310)-204-5822
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Thigh Lift Los Angeles Beverly Hills Before and After Photo Galleries
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Thigh Lift Los Angeles 3 Thigh Lift Los Angeles 4
                   Thigh Lift Los Angeles 3                                                    Thigh Lift Los Angeles 4
            Dr. Hughes is an expert at body contouring and has performed hundreds of massive weightloss surgeries including body lifts, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, and arm lifts.  Dr. Hughes performed a thigh lift on this patient.  Despite the closeup of the patient in the postoperative photo, you cannot see the scars.  Dr. Hughes camouflages the scars in natural shadows both in the groin crease and the inner thigh so that these scars are not visible.  The transformation of the entire thigh is dramatic and the upper leg contour is perfect.  The patient continued surgeries with Dr. Hughes including breast augmentation with full breast lift. 
    Dramatic Results with Impeccable Scar Placement.
Thigh Lift Los Angeles 7Thigh Lift Los Angeles 8
                     Thigh Lift Los Angeles 7                                    Thigh Lift Los Angeles 8
          This patient had an extended thigh lift.  Notice the marked improvement in the fatty nature of the thighs and the barely perceptible scar.  Even if the patient forms hypertrophic scars or keloid scars, the incision is hidden in the medial aspect of the thigh and cannot be seen when walking.
Thigh Lift Beverly Hills 5Thigh Lift Beverly Hills 6
   Thigh Lift Beverly Hills 5             Thigh Lift Beverly Hills 6
         Dr.  Hughes performed a thigh lift on this patient.  The result could not be better.  The scar is pretty much invisible.  As a comparison, notice the tummy tuck scar above performed by another surgeon years ago.  Dr. Hughes's scar is far less noticeable, is perfectly placed, and the result is superior.  Notice the extremely fat, preop photo and the loose skin rolls.  The pictures do not even look like the same leg (yet they are).
If you do have problematic scars on any part of your body, Dr. Hughes can help and he is an expert.  Read his Chapter on Scars and Scar Revision and His Article on Scar Management.

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