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Cellulite, Liposuction Revision, & Fat Grafting Los Angeles

Cellulite, Liposuction Revision, and Fat Grafting Procedure Information

Liposuction is a very well tolerated and successful procedure with a well-trained, expert surgeon. However, less experienced practitioners and nonplastic surgeons have entered into the liposuction field as well. As a result, liposuction revision has become a much more prominent surgery in Dr. Hughes’s practice as he has developed international reknown for liposuction revision and fat grafting skills. These revisions are extremely difficult and should only be attempted by experienced experts in the field.

Dr. Hughes performs 1 or 2 liposuction revision operations each week, while performing 500 or more total liposuction procedures each year. Many of these involve additional liposuction and fat grafting to improve the contours or deformities from the previous surgery. These revisions are extremely difficult and patients should have realistic expectations. 70% improvement is about as maximal as possible. Even if the surgery creates a perfect contour, healing is rarely perfect.

Please look at some of the examples in the cellulite, liposuction revision, and fat grafting photo galleries to get an idea for some of the more common requests and results.

Dimpling and cellulite can sometimes be improved as well with fat grafting techniques. Please look at the Brazilian buttlift galleries for specific examples.

Finally, peruse the body lift and thigh lift galleries to gain an appreciation of other options that Dr. Hughes may employ to help you revise previous results.

Dr. Hughes provides the entire gamut of procedures to help improve a less than optimal result from the first liposuction procedure performed elsewhere.

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