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A Belt Lipectomy Offers Comprehensive Contouring

Lower Body Lift Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Belt lipectomy is the medical term for a truncal body lift or a lower body lift. A tummy tuck, which is more commonly discussed, is like 1/2 of a lower body lift.  The lower body lift procedure is useful in the removal of fat and loose hanging skin from around the waist or the belt line. This surgical option brings your belly, hips, thighs, and butt back to their best shape possible.

The procedure is mostly for people who have undergone bariatric surgery or have shed a lot of weight on their own. Your skin becomes excessively saggy when you lose a lot of weight, and a belt lipectomy helps you lose that unwanted saggy skin in a way that exercise simply can’t.  Sometimes these procedures can be combined with mommy makeover procedures.

Patients typically find the results of this surgery to be extremely satisfying. The belt lipectomy procedure is a major surgery, so before deciding on this procedure, you should gather as much information as possible.

The Lower Bodylift Procedure

The surgery can take between four and six hours.  You will be lying face downwards during the start of the procedure, since the buttocks and the lower back area are operated upon first. After incisions are created in select areas, the loose skin and fat above the buttocks are removed. The procedure results in the lifting and sculpting of the buttocks, resulting in a more defined shape and a more youthful look.

After the removal of excess fat and loose skin on the lower back and buttocks is completed, you will be turned onto your back. Excess fat and loose skin will then be removed from your abdominal area and hips. As the name suggests, the skin and fat will be removed in a circumferential pattern in the same way that a belt is removed.

Lower Body Lift Recovery

Because a lower body lift is a major and extensive surgery, an overnight stay at the hospital is generally required. After this time, you will usually be allowed to return home to continue your healing process.

Full recovery from a lower body lift usually takes a month or two. Common issues experienced following this procedure include tissue swelling and bruising. These can be addressed using various methods, including post-surgical garments – you will have to wear a binder around your stomach like a belt for around six weeks. These garments help to support the tissues as they heal. Cold compresses are also often helpful for reduction of swelling.

During your recovery, you will have to avoid bending at the waist and downwards. This can be quite difficult, as the simplest of daily activities require you to bend, so healing will take time. The stitches above the buttocks can break down because people must often bend to do even the simplest of your daily tasks.

Arrange a Lower Body Lift Consultation

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, a board-certified plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients, has a great deal of experience when it comes to procedures like the belt lipectomy. To speak with Dr. Hughes regarding this highly effective and complex procedure, schedule a consultation. To arrange an appointment, get in contact with our office.