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Achieving the Best Scars in Mommy Makeover Surgery

Achieving the best scars with the mommy makeover surgery is an important aspect of the overall aesthetic result. In general, scarring is a product of genetics. Some people are good scar formers and others are poor scar formers.

However, scar formation is also influenced heavily by environment in the postoperative period and during recovery following mommy makeover surgery. Always follow all of Dr. Hughes recommendations for managing the incisions following surgery. Patients who adhere to these protocols will get the best scars possible.

In addition, Dr. Hughes always minimizes the scars to minimize the likelihood of poor scars. There is no one best therapy for scars after the incision has closed. Silicone sheets, Mederma, and Biocorneum are reasonable and popular options. Dr. Hughes recommends that the scar therapy begin after the scars have healed and there are no open areas, which usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has a lot of experience providing care to patients with darker skin colors and is a published author on the subject in Scars and Scar Revision in Reoperative Plastic Surgery. Dr. Hughes also performs a great number of revision and scar revision surgeries.