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Bad Doctors? Is Your Doctor a Bad Doctor?

Are there really bad doctors out there and what does that really mean? Certainly, there is a spectrum of doctors available with training and intellect and technical skill as different as one could reasonably imagine. Dr. Kenneth Hughes has been educated and trained at the finest institutions and has received the highest scores possible for the medical board licensing exams, so it is essential to examine the credentials and the practice of a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, performs about several hundred surgeries for patients each year, and each patient may have three procedures per surgery.  Managing patient expectations and getting patients to follow a strict postoperative protocol to ensure preservation of surgical results can be very challenging.

Over 4 years ago, Dr. Hughes of Hughes Plastic Surgery began taking videos of every surgical procedure performed in his surgery center to illustrate the pristine nature of the surgical result.  There are two reasons to do this :1) so that patients can appreciate the impeccable result and understand that all procedures were performed as discussed and 2) so that, if postoperative complications occur, the integrity of the surgery itself cannot be questioned.

Certainly, Dr. Kenneth Hughes shows some of the videos on you tube for patients to view, but he has thousands more that are not shown due to patient privacy issues. It is important to realize that the doctor-patient relationship is a two way street based upon mutual respect and mutual adherence to principles of good healing. Despite a perfect, on-the-table surgical result, it is possible through neglect, negligence, or sabotage on the part of the patient to ruin that result. For instance, patients can develop fluid collections from not wearing garments or from too much activity or doing something strenuous. Incisions can open, which can lead to widened scars and poor postoperative contours.  This is not negligence or malpractice on the part of the surgeon.  For example, a breast augmentation and breast lift relies upon the skin envelope and tissue underneath to support the implant and the rest of the tissue. If the incision opens, of course the scar will be worse and wider and the contour can be totally compromised leading to implant malposition, areolar malposition, etc.  Once again, this is a patient healing and compliance issue not a medical malpractice issue.

Though it is convenient and expedient to blame it on the bad doctor, this is just not being truthful about the process. If this were a multivariate calculus test given at Harvard University and Dr. Hughes scored 100% (as he was known to do) and no one else could answer a single question, no one would dispute the excellence of Dr. Hughes. But, alas, plastic surgery and its results are subjective and readily available to the public, and everyone will have an opinion.  Surgical results are also subject to an opinion by the masses as higher order intellectual processing is not required as would be required in multivariate calculus. However, an understanding of the creation of that same surgical result will be largely unintelligible to patients and critics alike.

And while it is easy to believe that doctors do not care about patients and are only interested in financial aspects, not all doctors are the same and some actually do care about providing the best result to patients. When patients are smiling from ear to ear due to a forever life-changing result, Dr. Hughes feels tremendous satisfaction from helping that patient obtain his or her goals. Similarly, it is frustrating to Dr. Kenneth Hughes to spend hours to create a meticulously constructed result on the table only to see it fall apart by not following his instructions. Postoperative nutrition, wearing of appropriate garments, managing drains if present, and avoiding strenuous activity which can compromise and open incisions are the cornerstones to obtaining the best surgical result.

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