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Body Lift — Loose Skin Los Angeles Surgery

Dr. Kenneth Hughes is a body contouring and body lift surgery expert in Los Angeles. The lower body lift is a surgery that removes loose skin and fat with an incision made around the circumferential trunk. Dramatic weight loss and/or pregnancy combined with the natural process of aging can result in sagging skin in the lower body that just will not regain its elasticity and bounce back. Though correcting this common issue is not simple, there are some effective surgical solutions offered by Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hughes. A lower body lift is a comprehensive procedure worth considering.

Many patients are much more familiar with the tummy tuck, which addresses the loose skin on just the abdomen. These surgeries can be performed after weight loss or pregnancy in most cases. Breasts may be addressed at the same time in a procedure frequently referred to as a mommy makeover. The lower body lift addresses loose skin around the buttocks, back, thighs, hips and abdomen. Ideal candidates are those who have achieved a reasonable body weight and do not have preexisting medical issues.

Keep in mind that this procedure is quite demanding and requires a lengthy recovery. Most patients who undergo a body lift need to spend several weeks dedicated to the recovery to optimize scars and reduce the risk for complications.

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