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Brazilian Butt Lift — Body Contouring Los Angeles

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, has performed thousands of Brazilian buttlifts in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and is a true expert at the the Brazilian buttlift or BBL. Fat transfer procedures are slowly edging out the need for surgical implants. This is especially true for the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift helps women to achieve a curvier figure and a shapelier backside. However, the procedure is not just for women. Dr. Hughes has performed many Brazilian buttlifts for males as well.

With the Brazilian butt lift, areas with unwanted extra fat are first sculpted and thinned out via liposuction. A very popular procedure is the liposuction of the circumferential trunk or waist and is referred to as liposuction 360 or lipo 360. The twist is that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hughes then purifies the extracted fat and injects the free fat grafts into the buttocks. The result is a total body-contouring procedure that redistributes your own natural body fat in all the right places.

In addition to the redefined contours, the procedure requires no larger incisions and is both less invasive and more natural than butt implants. Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed hundreds of butt implant procedures as well, and he will give you the opportunity to select the type of procedure that you desire.

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