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Breast Augmentation Healing — Recovery Los Angeles

If you’re like most women who are about to get a breast augmentation, you’re excited to begin the next chapter of your life. However, you may also be thinking about the immediate impact of the procedure and what the breast augmentation healing period will be like.

Once you leave the facility, our caring staff will be in contact to ensure a normal breast augmentation healing period and to address any issues that may pop up. Feel free to get up and move around your house that same evening, but avoid any straining or lifting.

Following the procedure, you will have a surgical bra on to assist the breast augmentation healing process and help the implants drop into their intended places. This bra will remain on constantly until you are cleared for a shower, which usually only takes a day or two. As per the doctor’s preference, the surgical bra may be worn for up to two weeks.

For more information regarding the breast augmentation healing process, contact the Los Angeles office of highly skilled surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hughes.