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Chemical Rejuvenation — Los Angeles Facial Peels

Choosing the appropriate strength for chemical rejuvenation with peeling is a part of every chemical peel consultation. Dr. Kenneth Hughes, a Harvard-trained board-certified plastic surgeon, will assess the patient, and a strength level will be determined. Here are a few more things to understand about chemical peels.

When the selected product is applied to the skin, it causes removal of skin layers. As these layers peel off over the next week or so, new unblemished skin forms from the deeper germinal layers.

Chemical rejuvenation stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells, replacing tired, old, sun-damaged skin. This process is in sharp contrast to a sunburn, which removes the outer layers of skin but causes UV damage to germinal cells, thereby compounding the aging process and risk of skin cancer.

To find out more about chemical rejuvenation and the various strength levels of the peels we offer, contact our Los Angeles office to set up a consultation.