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Cosmetic Surgery and Managing Patient Expectations

Dr. Kenneth Hughes of Hughes Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, like most plastic surgeons, performs cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.  In general, cosmetic surgery patients are healthy patients who usually just want to look better or improve some aspect of their appearance. As such, expectations can sometimes be extraordinarily high.

Avoiding unreasonable patients is the best way to avoid a claim of negligence or malpractice or unwanted lawsuits or litigation.  As a surgeon who performs hundreds of plastic surgery revision procedures each year, Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, sees patients who have had surgery and are currently unsatisfied with the outcome. Within this group of patients are those who have absolutely horrific results all the way up to those who have very good results. If a patient has very good results but obsesses over small details, the likelihood of dissatisfaction on the part of that individual will be higher as will revisions, lawsuits, and claims of negligence or malpractice. The consultation is certainly a time for a patient to feel comfortable and develop a rapport, but this is also a time for Dr. Kenneth Hughes to gather information about the patient as well.  Dr. Hughes is trying to gauge and evaluate the patient’s candidacy or appropriateness for surgery as well as expectations of that individual for a given surgery.

Sometimes patients with horrific deformities have no animosity toward the previous surgeon or surgeons and are very understanding in how the result came to fruition. These patients will undoubtedly be very dedicated to recovery and will be a true partner in surgery.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes welcomes those patients as rewards for both patient and surgeon are high.

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