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Criminals Criminals Everywhere: Absurd Tactics of Plastic Surgery Patients

It may be hard to believe but plastic surgery patients are getting worse and worse.  This week alone there were two chargebacks from credit card companies from patients for surgeries already performed.  Imagine the nerve of an individual who thinks that he or she will get their money back for a surgery by fraudulently saying that a surgery was not done.  Obviously, the credit card company is in no position to determine the merits as to the quality of a plastic surgery or how it was performed.  So the operative report will be sent to show that the service was performed.  One patient said she wanted her money back because fat was not inserted into the muscle, which everyone is aware is no longer considered safe or the standard of care.  Imagine a patient suggesting that she wanted her money back, because a procedure was not performed in a dangerous method.   So you perform a safe, effective surgery and the patient claims that they demanded the unsafe procedure and should get her money back.  Absolutely bonkers and crazy.

Another patient wanted to see the breakdown of the surgery price list from her surgery so that she could then dispute whatever surgeries for which she did not like the outcome or thought it should have been better.  It is sheer narcissism on the part of a patient to somehow be able to deduce what is good or bad result.  And the individual certainly never considers their genetic makeup, as poor as it is, to be the prime contributor to the lack of success of a particular surgical procedure.

It truly is impossible to convey the level of intellect or skill that it takes to achieve at the highest levels on the planet, but it is downright appalling to hear from the ranting individuals who could have never ever in their wildest dreams achieved anything approaching this level of mastery or dominance.