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Dr. Kenneth Hughes – Christian

Dr. Kenneth Hughes is first and foremost a Christian, a firm believer in power and knowledge much greater.  Accomplishments mean nothing without realizing how all of those things were possible.

Much of medicine and plastic surgery is completely devoid of faith.  It is almost as though being faithful, religious, or accountable to a higher power is looked down upon or frowned upon.  That individual is looked upon as something lesser. Many people look to those of faith as gullible or suckers or those who are easy prey.  They think that a Christian will give into demands or acquiesce more easily.  However, being a Christian involves knowing your place in the universe.  Christians and those of faith are powerful beyond belief.  It is precisely because of this faith in something greater that sustains and allows an individual to overcome monumental hurdles or advance against the evil hordes.

We live in an age where people are afraid to voice their true convictions or religious beliefs, but we should not be afraid. “For if the Lord is with you, who can be against you?”

These are not merely empty words.  These words are substantiated by the faithful on a daily basis.  A person heals who should not or could not.  An individual achieves something that he or she could not.  Someone prevails over someone or something more powerful or deemed more powerful.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes knows that he was given extraordinary gifts by God, and so he has persisted in his profession to provide the best possible care to patients. Despite the obstacles, the evil people, and nonsense, Dr. Hughes will continue in his quest.  As Christians, all are obligated to speak the word and not make waste of the gifts given.  For all of those with evil intentions who lie and twist the truth and try to bring others down, they can look forward to an eternity in hell even if they escape punishment in their brief time on Earth.