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Dr. Kenneth Hughes Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Reviews April 2021

Incredibly Happy with Breast Augmentation

  • 29 Apr 2021
  • 3 days post

I got breast implants 2 years ago from another surgeon and have been very unhappy with them. They were different sizes, didn’t look right on my body, and he messed up the placement of one of my nipples. I finally got them redone with Dr. Hughes. I couldn’t be happier with the results. He is focused on his work above all else, which I respect. He is also concerned for the health and safety of his patients with aftercare. Thank you Dr. Hughes, I can’t wait until they are healed. I am finally thrilled with my breasts!

BBL Reduction with Liposuction

Just wanted to add some more before and after the reduction. Again, I asked Hughes to “remove as much as possible”. Now, my butt is still big and waist small, it’s just natural. If you are considering a reduction, my advice is to go all out! You will still be left with curves! Just not the plastic surgery kind.

I am almost 2 weeks after the reduction. It took me down for maybe 5 days, and now I have to remind myself I just had surgery. I feel completely normal. I am wearing compression and not exercising for 6 weeks, but that’s the only reminder.

I added some before and after with my original body. I’m glad I got this procedure done; all my clothes look good on me now.  I just don’t think anything above 400 looks natural, which was the original butt lift anyway.

May this be a major endorsement for Hughes. He got more patient with walking me though the science and his work is extraordinary. He’s very skilled and worth every penny.

However, if I could do it again, I would have gone with Hughes from the beginning.

Ok that’s it for me. Good luck out there ladies and gents!

Hughes told me he couldn’t promise perfection but then he delivered it. I’m so freaking happy.