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Enhance Your Breasts with Mastopexy Surgery

Sagging breasts are a major cause of concern for women as a sign of aging. Breasts corrected by the procedure known as mastopexy surgery or breast lift surgery are firm and positioned higher on the chest, allowing women to reclaim their youthful appearance.

Women experiencing sagging breasts due to the aging process are ideal candidates for mastopexy or breast lift. With age, the skin cells and muscles tend to lose their tightness and elasticity, thereby resulting in poorly positioned breasts. Sometimes women lose the tightness of their breast muscles even prematurely, and this is a big cause of worry, as it gives them an overall appearance of being aged.

Breast lift surgery can also be used by women who after giving birth lose the firmness of their breasts due to breastfeeding. The sagging that occurs as a result of post-pregnancy conditions can be easily corrected by the procedure.

Women who have a lost a lot of weight very fast are excellent candidates. One of the biggest concerns after a major weight loss is the skin getting loose and the breasts sagging. Mastopexy procedures involve removing the extra skin and repositioning the breasts in proportion to overall body weight.

Sometimes, women simply want breasts that look better for various reasons. Mastopexy helps even these ladies get the ideal body shape that they have always dreamed of and look as great as they want to.

Benefits of Mastopexy

The mastopexy procedure results in breasts that are shapely and firm. As such, patients who have experienced the operation look younger and healthier, and their overall appearance is greatly enhanced. The effects of a mastopexy are immediate and last for a very long time.

How Does Mastopexy Surgery Work?

After anesthesia is administered to the patient, an incision is made in order to give the plastic surgeon access to the underlying tissues of the area. The type and location of incision will be discussed during your preliminary breast lift consultation.

Typically, there are four options for mastopexy surgery: the crescent lift, the periareolar lift, the lollipop lift, and the anchor lift. These range in level of change to sagging breasts from minor to very comprehensive.

Once the incision has been created, the extra skin and breast tissue that cause the breasts to sag is trimmed and removed. This results in breasts with firmer contours. The areolae may also be resized, reshaped, or repositioned. The incisions are then closed using medical sutures.

Post-Procedure Recovery

The procedure is fairly quick and won’t take more than a couple of hours. Doctors will give some simple but necessary guidelines that will help the patient experience the least possible amount of discomfort during the healing process. Make sure to follow these directions as closely as possible in order to avoid complications.

Schedule Your Mastopexy Consultation

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, a board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeon, regularly performs breast lift procedures, along with a variety of other aesthetic surgeries. If you would like to learn more about what the mastopexy procedure can do to enhance your breasts, please schedule a consultation by contacting our office.