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Facelift — Rhytidectomy Los Angeles Skin Tightening

Facial aging is a destructive force that eventually affects everyone. Sagging and wrinkling become more apparent as we age and can create a worn-out appearance. One of the more effective and popular solutions to this problem is a facelift. The facelift procedure surgically treats these unwanted signs of aging and creates a more youthful overall appearance.

A facelift procedure, also called a rhytidectomy, tightens loose muscles and excess skin around the face, jaw and even neck, resulting in a younger look. A classic facelift procedure by Dr. Kenneth Hughes utilizes a hidden incision along the hairline. Facelifts are customized to fit the patient’s cosmetic requirements and to match the scope of correction needed.

For more details about a facelift procedure, contact our office, located in Los Angeles, CA. From there, Dr. Hughes can discuss your available options in greater detail during your initial consultation.