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Fat Grafting — Brazilian Butt Lift Los Angeles

Fat Grafting to the Butt – Brazilian Buttlift Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Many patients, men and women alike, may want to improve the size or shape of the buttocks.  There are two reasonable options available for butt augmentation – silicone butt implant surgery and fat transfer to the butt referred to as BBL or Brazilian buttlift.  Some women have concerns about the concept of inserting solid silicone implants into their buttocks in order to increase the size and shape. In many cases, these women tend to be hesitant about the look and feel of butt implants, or they could just be against the idea of having to tell someone their butt is not real.  Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers a more natural alternative to the usual techniques with a fat grafting procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift.

Fat grafting is a relatively new technique for which many doctors lack experience. The procedure is accomplished by first harvesting fat from areas of the body where excess fat is plentiful and unwanted, like the thighs, lower back or abdomen.

Once the fat is suctioned out with liposuction, it is purified to find the best-quality fat cells and is then injected into the buttocks using a specialized syringe. The Brazilian buttlift can be used to increase roundness, fullness, and projection of the buttocks.  In addition, fat can be transferred to the hips or hip dents to improve the overall figure and create a figure that is more hourglass.

This procedure offers several benefits that traditional surgeries do not, including more comprehensive body-contouring results.  Literally, almost any part of the body can be liposuctioned and that fat can be transferred to the face, the breasts, the butt, the hips, the calves, and many areas for liposuction revision.

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