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How Did Los Angeles County Go From One of the Highest Rates from COVID to One of the Lowest?

Given the up and down pattern of infection throughout the pandemic, clearly social distancing and mask wearing had much to do with the pattern.  However, given the surging numbers after Thanksgiving and following Christmas and New Years, the outlook for Los Angeles and California looked bleak.  Although many things can be attributed to the rates, there is no doubt that the massive vaccination of individuals in LA county is to thank for the far better situation that exists today.  Millions in LA county have received both doses of the vaccine and the declining numbers should come as no surprise.  The vaccine efficacy has proven at least as good as advertised.

The question remains if everyone who is eligible will get vaccinated and what will be the vaccination holdout percentage.  This holdout percentage will essentially serve as the possible COVID reservoir that could potentially generate more genetic variation to render the vaccines ineffective.  In India, though largely able to avoid previous surges, the country struggles to contain the latest outbreak despite having similar measures in place.  The more virulent and more transmissible variants generated in other areas of the world have made for a more unfavorable condition for turning the virus back.  In addition, the vaccination efforts in India have largely been ineffective due to a number of factors.  The US and other countries have offered vaccine doses to help in India’s efforts to triumph against the vaccine.  However, it is important to remember that the United States has not been fully vaccinated and these efforts should continue.  It is common in a health crisis of this magnitude to become complacent before the crisis has been completely averted.    A vigilant path forward for everyone should be maintained.

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