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Liposuction — Body-Contouring Procedure Los Angeles

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed thousands of liposuction and liposuction revision procedures in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.  Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures performed in the United States each year and worldwide.  There are several reasons why someone would opt to have liposuction. Body contouring via surgery restores the body’s youthful shape. If you are looking to remove excess fat in different areas of the body, or to smooth out prominent bulges, then you may be a candidate for this procedure. Body-contouring techniques include many different surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Liposuction is an excellent tool for removing undesired fat from areas of the body.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that can target many areas of the body for fat removal. Popular areas of the body include the hips, buttocks, abdomen, back, legs, arms, face, neck and breasts. The amount of fat to be removed varies depending on the goals of the patient. There are a number of advanced techniques for liposuction that can achieve natural-looking fat loss.

One of the most popular liposuction procedures that Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs is something referred to as liposuction 360 or lipo 360.  This involves liposuction of the circumferential waist or trunk to reduce the waist to the extent possible.  This can really create a much more hourglass figure.  In addition, the fat that is liposuctioned can be utilized to improve the hips and buttocks.  This procedure is referred to as a Brazilian buttlift or a BBL.

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