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Nose Job — Rhinoplasty Procedure Los Angeles

Few features affect a person’s appearance quite like the prominent feature that sits right in the middle of it – the nose. Considering its location on the face, it naturally is a critical contributor to our overall aesthetic. As such, any modifications can dramatically alter one’s looks. A nose job, clinically referred to as rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure meant to enhance the proportions of the nose to more ideally fit the patient’s face.

Common issues with the nose include nasal bumps and hooks. Corrections beyond aesthetic issues, like a deviated septum, are also normal.

A nose job has the flexibility to be performed under general anesthesia or local. The scope of the surgery and patient preference will determine which one is implemented.

To learn more about other nose job techniques, feel free to arrange a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Hughes at our Los Angeles office. From there, he can address all of your questions or concerns.