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Plastic Surgeons Most Frequently Sued per Doctor’s Company Medical Malpractice Insurance Company

The Doctor’s Company website reports that “Plastic surgeons are one of the most frequently sued specialties among all physicians, even though it represents only a small percentage of the physician population.” Unrealistic patient expectations may be at the heart of many of these concerns. Dr. Kenneth Hughes frequently manages unrealistic expectations preoperatively so that a patient can truly understand what is possible and what is not possible. If there is confusion that cannot be resolved or the patient continues to articulate concerns about achieving perfection or corrections for minor issues, patients may not be appropriate candidates for plastic surgery.  Dealing with thousands of members of the public each year as a busy plastic surgeon like Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, will inevitably result in threats of lawsuits for negligence or malpractice or demands for refunds or threats of negative reviews if monies are not paid.  Extortionists and fraudsters are common, and Dr. Kenneth Hughes of Hughes Plastic Surgery does not give in to these individuals but fights them and wins in every case.  These issues come with the territory and are largely unavoidable.

The number one most common claim for plastic surgeons insured through The Doctors Company is breast augmentation which is in direct correlation with the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure. 296,203 breast augmentations were performed in 2010. Frequency of plastic surgery claims has been on a steady decline with a 19.3% claims frequency in 2006 coming down to 12.1% in 2010 and slowly rising in 2011 to 13.3%. Average incurred losses for plastic surgery claims with The Doctors Company have risen from 2006 at $55,000 per claim to $80,000 per claim in 2011.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-educated, Harvard-trained Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles, has been selected as best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles by several independent sources in 2018, 2019, and 2020 including Wimgo, Three Best Rated, and Kev’s Best.

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