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Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Article 1

Analyzing the Deformity in Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is considered by most plastic surgeons to be one of the most difficult operations to perform along with full breast lift (mastopexy) and face and neck lift. There is a wide variation in an individual patient’s nasal anatomy and cosmetic concerns. Dr. Hughes will discuss in great detail what is realistic for a certain patient and what is not. The most important consideration is that a patient must be able to breathe well after rhinoplasty. Otherwise, the surgery is a failure. Dr. Hughes frequently performs secondary rhinoplasties for breathing and for cosmetic concerns.

Who Is a Good Operative Candidate?

In general, a good candidate is one who will get significant benefit from the surgery, and one who has realistic expectations about what to expect as a final result. All patients should realize that final results will take at least a year to be realized.

As your plastic surgeon, Dr. Hughes will have to assess these items during your consultation.

First, what is the nasal deformity of the patient?

The patient must be able to articulate what things that he or she does not like about the nose. Certain things are easy to point out, such as a large hump on profile view. Other things are more difficult to ascertain or articulate. Dr. Hughes will work with you to determine exactly what you would like fixed. Dr. Hughes does not perform the same operation for every nose. He performs the rhinoplasty that you want.

Dr. Hughes will evaluate your goals and determine if they are realistic. Neither Dr. Hughes nor any other plastic surgeon can make someone’s nose like that of a famous actress. Healing factors alone and skin thickness and texture make that impossible. Finally, Dr. Hughes understands facial proportions and aesthetics, and he will help to achieve balance and harmony with nose and face alike.