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Silicone and Biopolymer Injection Responsible for Untold Deaths

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, board-certified, Harvard-trained plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, has received hundreds of inquiries from patients all over the US and throughout the world in regard to silicone and biopolymer injection removal.  Many times these injections are used to augment the buttocks or hips, but they can be used to augment almost any body part including thighs, calves, lips, breasts, and others.  These injections are frequently performed in larger volumes using less than sterile offerings by persons who have no medical or little medical training.  It is important to realize that Dr. Kenneth Hughes of Hughes Plastic Surgery does not inject these materials and board certified plastic surgeons would not.  In addition to complications such as infection, skin death, fat death (fat necrosis), inflammation, and pain in the areas injected, these injections can and have led to many deaths.

When Dr. Kenneth Hughes sees patients in his Los Angeles surgery center for evaluation, he always explains the multitude of complications that may occur in the removal of these silicone and biopolymer substances including fluid collections, infection, inadequate removal, fat death, skin death, tissue deformities, and tissue defects.  These removal surgeries can provide life-saving grace to those patients who have no other alternatives.  However, the best advice Dr. Kenneth Hughes can give is to never allow injection of foreign substances, especially in large amounts by persons with little or no surgical training.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes also always reiterates to patients who undergo foreign removal that there are no guarantees of future good health as the injection process and the amount injected frequently do not allow for complete removal.  In addition, the risk for infection and inflammation is always higher as well as the risk for poor wound healing.  Finally, Dr. Kenneth Hughes is a reconstruction expert for defects created by silicone removal.  Frequently, Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs butt implant surgery or fat transfer surgery like the Brazilian buttlift or BBL.

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