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What to Do With the Leftover Skin at the Bottom of the Buttock?

Enter the Inferior Buttock Lift / Posterior Thigh Lift : A Game Changer

A huge number of patients have loose skin at the bottom of the buttocks or the top of the thighs. Some of these patients also the buttocks are too long or are not smooth or are concerned about cellulite.

Some plastic surgeons or non-surgeons will recommend fat transfer or butt implants in these instances, but this advice will only result in hardship and unrealized expectations for the patient. Butt implants will not fill the inferior aspect of the skin as intramuscular implants reside within the muscle.  The muscle always stops well above the gluteal fold, and butt implants will never capture the inferior skin laxity.

Brazilian buttlift, though a great technique for overall volume, roundness, and projection, will not be able to solve in inferior skin laxity problem.  Although patients seem to think this is possible, if enough fat is placed in this area to fill an inferior skin excess, the buttock will look distorted, bottom-heavy, and will be on the leg almost immediately.  This is not an attractive look, and Dr. Hughes revises these types of results every week.

The inferior buttock lift or posterior thigh lift is a procedure Dr. Kenneth Hughes of Hughes Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles performs at least once a week. Many patients travel a great distance as this procedure is uncommonly performed and even more uncommonly performed well. Dr. Kenneth Hughes makes an incision in the natural gluteal fold (the line under each buttock) and he is able to take several inches (7 cm) or more from the inferior buttocks, and another several inches (7 cm) from the posterior thigh. This procedure can produce dramatic improvement in buttock shape and smoothness as well as skin laxity and the appearance of cellulite. In addition, Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-educated, Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, has used this procedure to remove skin and restore shape while removing silicone injections and thinks of that ilk and then redraping the skin in pristine fashion to prevent or minimize deformity.

You may view several videos of the inferior buttock lift on Dr. Kenneth Hughes‘s you tube channel

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