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When You’re Not Satisfied with Your Breast Augmentation, Come In for a Breast Revision

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure in plastic surgery that increases the size of the breasts and gives them a fuller appearance. It may be done from one or more reasons, including making naturally small breasts bigger, bringing symmetry to asymmetrical breasts, or restoring breast size after pregnancy.

All in all, breast augmentation can be an extremely helpful procedure that millions of women undergo to enhance the appearance of their breasts. However, some women end up displeased with the results of their augmentation.

This could be for several reasons, such as disappointment with the look and feel of the breasts or health issues such as pain or stiffness. This is where a breast revision comes into play. If you’re unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation, breast revision with Dr. Kenneth Hughes of Hughes Plastic Surgery offers you a second chance at the results you deserve.

What Is a Breast Revision and What Are Its Benefits?

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed hundreds of breast augmentation revisions of all different types. A breast revision is a surgical procedure performed after a breast augmentation to act as a corrective measure. A breast revision may replace the existing implants with ones that have different specifications in terms of size, texture, type, and shape. If the implants have been ruptured, it can also replace these with new ones.

Breast revision may also be used to correct a complication that arose because of the breast augmentation. It can also help with aesthetic issues that have occurred.

After a primary breast augmentation, the body can change in a number of ways (weight gain, pregnancy, etc.), causing the implants to look unnatural. With the help of a revision, the implants can be changed to restore a more natural look.

Over the years, implants can also fold or wrinkle, which ends up creating ripples on the skin of the breast. Breast revisions rectify this and ensure that the skin of the breasts looks smooth again.

In some cases, a condition known as capsular contracture can occur. When breast implants are placed in the body, the body naturally forms a scar-tissue shell around them. This shell, called a capsule, may form in a way that is thicker than normal, leading to excess pressure on the implant. Aesthetic issues can result from this, as can pain and stiffness.

Breast revision is used to resolve capsular contracture by loosening the capsule or in some cases removing it completely.

How Is Breast Revision Performed?

Because everyone’s case is different, breast revision is not a standardized procedure. It must be customized and modified depending on the patient.

Generally, at the start of the procedure, anesthesia is used to prevent any pain or discomfort during the surgery. The incisions used for the original augmentation procedure are typically used for the revision procedure. This prevents new post-surgical marks from appearing.

After this, the necessary corrections are performed. The implants may be repositioned or removed and the capsule may be altered or removed. Finally, the incisions are closed with the help of surgical sutures.

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