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Why Did The CDC Feel Compelled to Rescind Mask Mandate?

It does not have to be reiterated again the massive loss of life that has occurred due to the novel coronavirus over the past year has been staggering.  The better part of a million people are gone due to the novel coronavirus.  Now that the United States has largely gained control of the virus and its mutants for the time being due to the massive vaccination plan, the CDC made the proclamation that mask wear for vaccinated individuals in public is no longer necessary.

The problem in this is two fold.  First, vaccination is not 100% effective.  Everyone knows this.  The second major problem is that millions and millions of those patient eligible for the vaccinations have deemed them unnecessary and have not been vaccinated.

Thus, those without vaccinations will continue to put others at risk.  Not only that but no one is going to verify whether those not wearing masks in public have indeed had their vaccinations.  Who is going to police this issue?

Some individuals have fought mask mandates from the very beginning, refused to wear them in public places, and have literally fought others requesting that they wear their masks. This latest move by the CDC is premature at the least and dangerous at the worst.  People in the United States look to these agencies as bastions of truth and they take direction from them.  That is why this latest move is so utterly disappointing.

For the immediate future, Dr. Kenneth Hughes and all at Hughes Plastic Surgery will wear masks and personal protective equipment and all patients will be required to wear this as well.  In addition, COVID tests will continue to required for any individual entering the surgery center.  Finally, all of the policies to limit patient influx into the surgery center will continue to be in place.  Patients should not compromised just because the risk of getting COVID is less than it was 2 months ago.

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