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What is gynecomastia?
Gynecomastia is the development of breasts or breast tissue in males. The cause for this is frequently idiopathic, meaning that the cause is unknown in most cases. Most males develop the condition during puberty, and the breast tissue does not reduce over time. There are numerous other causes for gynecomastia including anabolic steroids, marijuana, certain prescription medications, liver failure, and certain tumors, among other things.
There is a wide range of breast development among males including a small amount of breast tissue up to a large amount of breast tissue and skin that is droopy. Depending upon where you fall in the gamut, Dr. Hughes will help you select the male breast reduction operation that is best for you.
Dr. Hughes offers gynecomastia correction through a variety of minimal scar liposuction and excisional techniques, and most patients can be treated through these maneuvers. The skin overlying the tissue has great capability to contract after removal of tissue. In addition to the removal of the breast tissue, Dr. Hughes will liposuction the remainder of the chest to help create fantastic contours of the chest.
The male breast reduction procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure takes less than 2 hours to complete, even in the most complicated of cases. The patient will need to wear a compression garment for several weeks to improve contours and assure that the skin heals to the underlying tissue without the develop of fluid collections.
  This gentleman had undergone massive weight loss with a great deal of sagging skin and very displaced areolae.
Dr. Hughes performed a male breast reduction that produced a dramatic change.  Result pictured is at 4 weeks.
Gynecomastia Los Angeles 5Gynecomastia Los Angeles 6
           Gynecomastia Los Angeles 5                                         Gynecomastia Los Angeles 6
This patient had pure gynecomastia with very little subcutaneous fat.  Thus, the result is not dramatic.  The incision was made under the areola, which you cannot see in the postoperative image.  In the profile view, you can see that the breast tissue was removed to make the chest flat.
Gynecomastia Los Angeles 7Gynecomastia Los Angeles 8
                Gynecomastia Los Angeles 7                                 Gynecomastia Los Angeles 8
This gentleman also had liposuction of his abdomen and flanks as well as his chest.  He does not even look like the same person

    This gentleman had a male breast reduction with incisions hidden in the fold and around the areola.  The result is only 2 weeks after surgery, and the scars will be almost imperceptible in a few months.  Notice the tremendous improvement in contours and the much more muscular appearance.

gynecomastia Los Angeles male breast reduction Beverly Hills Harvard

gynecomastia Los Angeles male breast reduction Los Angeles Beverly Hills Harvard

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