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Dr. Kenneth Hughes Dimensional and Multifactorial Individualization

Dr. Hughes has pioneered a treatment paradigm that creates the best results by considering all patient anatomical factors (dimensions) and goals and then delivers an individualized plan through multiple synergistic surgical techniques.

Body contouring is a broad term that encompasses everything from liposuction or liposculpting to Brazilian buttlifts to lower body lifts. Results are greatly dependent upon the expertise of the surgeon, and the final outcome envisioned by both patient and physician. The Hughes Dimensional and Multifactorial Individualization (HDMI) combines customized surgical strategies that, together, address issues of volume, shaping, tightening, local symmetry and overall balance. This method addresses aesthetic needs from a multi-dimensional, rather than singular, focus. Patients often request a specific procedure when what they really desire is a specific result. Recognizing this, Dr. Hughes addresses each patient with an approach designed to meet the true goals of the patient.  For instance, a patient may want more fullness in the upper breast as part of a mommy makeover, but may not be aware of a more natural breast augmentation with breast fat grafting.

By utilizing the HDMI, underlying sources of the aesthetic deficit are identified, and addressed, rendering a much more pleasing outcome. A profound example can be found in the average patient seeking buttock augmentation. Often this patient has multiple concerns that cannot be addressed by simply increasing volume, but, rather, which will require varying approaches to skin tightening and reshaping of the buttock and surrounding areas. This is why simply fat grafting to one area, or inserting a buttock implant, does not often meet the patient’s goals. Quite interestingly, many patients seeking buttock augmentation also have concerns about posterior thigh laxity and cellulite. By utilizing the HDMI, Dr. Hughes, through limited incisions, is able to address the overall appearance of the posterior thigh and, by doing so, meet the patient’s vision of an attractive view from behind.

Often approached by patients requesting lower body lifts to address moderate laxity, Dr. Hughes, again, deploys the HDMI to provide an optimal result, while avoiding the posterior scar of the traditional approach. The HDMI incorporates a strategic use of the tummy tuck incision to maximize tightening of the anterior and medial thigh, and the high tension lateral thigh lift to increase tightening and shaping of the lateral and posterior thigh and lower buttock area. Buttock fat grafting, and, sometimes butt implants, is used to reshape the buttock area with very limited and hidden incisions. To finalize tightening in the posterior thighs, and area around the knees, a unique combination of minimally invasive techniques including Bodytite, are used to complete the lower body lift.

Dr. Hughes is known for his innovative approaches that combine varying techniques on a per-patient basis for extraordinary results.

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