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Buttocks Implants Add Volume and Shape

Having a flat buttocks drives many people to look for ways to enlarge and better define their rear end. Happily, there are several solutions available. Frequently, buttocks implants are used to resolve the problem.

During this type of buttocks augmentation procedure, artificial implants made from semisolid silicone are inserted into the buttocks. This improves the rear end’s contours and volume.

The Preliminary Consultation

When you come in for a consultation at our office, the current shape of your buttocks will first be evaluated. Each buttock is typically divided anatomically into the lower, mid, and upper section to be evaluated; doing this helps to determine the implant needed. The individual regions and the overall shape of the buttocks will be improved by the addition of the buttocks implants.

Your plastic surgeon will give you a number of options to decide on before you come in for your surgery. You will be able to choose the shape and size of your implants. In terms of implant type, the semisolid implant is our preferred choice, because it will not rupture or spill.

Buttocks Implant Surgery

Expect this surgical procedure to be complete in around one to two hours. To begin the procedure, the patient must lie flat on their stomach. The chosen anesthesia will then be administered in order to ensure that there is no pain or discomfort during the surgery.

A vertical incision of 6 cm in length is made at the top of the sacrum, the center crease of the buttocks. The buttock muscle is then dissected to create a pocket for placing the implant. The pocket is made specifically so that the implant will fit snugly in place, reducing the chance of implant movement.

The intramuscular placement of this implant is ideal, because it makes for the most natural-looking and natural-feeling results. Additionally, this placement leads to a much lower incidence of capsular contraction, a complication in which the scar tissue that forms around the capsule is too thick, tight, and constrictive.

The buttocks muscles are closed after the implants have been inserted. The incisions are then closed using medical sutures.

The Healing Process After Surgery

Post-surgical swelling and bruising may obscure the results of your buttocks augmentation procedure until they resolve. In order to help them resolve sooner, you will be wearing a post-surgical elastic support garment to wear for a couple of weeks. It allows the skin tissues to heal faster and the newly enhanced buttocks to be properly supported.

A gentle cushion should be used whenever you are sitting down during the healing process. This will ensure that the tissues heal appropriately and that the implants are not shifted. Lying down on your back should be avoided for around two weeks in order to keep from straining your healing incisions. Because of this, it may be necessary to modify your sleep position.

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