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Convenient Liposuction Makes Short Work Of Excess Fat

Having a well-toned body shape that is free from excess fat that accumulates in stubborn areas is a dream that many people have. For many people, however, this dream may stay just a dream for many, as getting rid of stubborn fat in various parts of our bodies is incredibly difficult.

It can be difficult to get rid of stubborn fat from different areas of the body with exercise and diets alone. To help people with their struggles, the traditional tumescent liposuction technique is here to help you get a perfectly contoured body that is firm and youthful.

What Is The Tumescent Method?

Tumescent means firm and swollen and the tumescent method does just that to remove unwanted fat from the body. Your surgeon will begin the procedure by injecting a tumescent solution to the area that is to be treated to minimize the risks of bleeding and to provide comfort during the procedure.

The solution consists of saltwater, adrenaline, and a local anesthetic. This solution contracts the blood vessels and this leads to minimal blood loss. The solution also causes the skin to get swollen and firm. The tumescent method utilizes a large amount of the fluid to make removing fat from the body more efficiently.

Why Should You Choose The Tumescent Method Of Liposuction?

If there are several areas of your body that are prone to accumulating excess deposits of stubborn fat and you have a hard time getting rid of it, then a tumescent liposuction procedure is the ideal solution for you. Having stubborn fat in certain areas of the body can make different kinds of clothing look unappealing and unattractive, harming your self-confidence.

If any of the following resonates with you, then you should opt for the treatment:

  • You have been exercising consistently, but the fat doesn’t go away.
  • Committing to a diet does not help remove the fat.
  • You constantly try to hide the stubborn fat under layers of clothing.
  • You do not feel confident wearing certain types of clothes.
  • You try to avoid wearing swimsuits because you’re not comfortable with your body.
  • You want to make your body firmer and more contoured.
  • You have realistic body goals and expectations from the procedure.

If you found yourself nodding at most of the points above, then the tumescent method of liposuction is the right choice for you since it can help you get that firm and contoured body. Before undergoing the procedure, however, you should gather all the information about the procedure from your surgeon.

The Procedure

Your surgeon will first mark the areas in your body where the incisions will be made. Once this is done, your surgeon will administer an anesthetic depending on your specific requirements. He will then inject the tumescent liquid to prepare the fatty deposits for removal. Thereafter, he will insert a cannula through an opening made in your skin. The cannula is connected to a device that works like a vacuum. The fat is then collected and removed from the body.

Recovery After The Tumescent Liposuction

After the procedure, your surgeon will give you several instructions to help you take care of your body after Liposuction. These instructions may include taking time off work, having someone help you around the house, and taking enough time away from strenuous activities to rest. Your doctor may also ask you to wear a compression garment to help support the treated area.

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