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Do you Want Large Perky Breasts?

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror, wishing that you had larger and perkier breasts? This is something a great deal of women desires.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed hundreds of breast augmentations through every incision available with saline, silicone, and gummy bear implants as well as breast fat grafting or breast fat transfer.

Not everyone is blessed with having the contours they desire, but fortunately, there’s hope if you want to increase the size and projection of your breasts. Thanks to various plastic surgery procedures such as the breast augmentation surgery and the breast lift, you can finally achieve the size and projection you desire.

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Coupling A Breast Augmentation And A Breast Lift

A breast augmentation and a breast lift can be combined to improve overall breast volume to enhance the overall shape, volume, and perkiness of the breasts.   Dr. Kenneth Hughes routinely performs these combination breast procedures, and they are ideal for increasing the size of the breasts while restoring balance and youthfulness to a woman’s bust.

The augmentation lift can help eliminate the sagging skin and excess fat causing your breasts to develop a droopy look. It will give your breasts an uplifted appearance and a more desirable sloping shape.

Why is Breast Augmentation So Appealing?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs. The reason behind this is that the improvements it provides can help give women the a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence they are seeking.

Breast enlargement and a breast lift, really makes women feel better in their clothes as it enhances their femininity and gives them a more voluptuous to look. This surgery highly effective in improving the symmetry of the breasts and creates a balance throughout the whole body.

Are there Different Types of Breast Implants?

Yes, you have a choice when it comes to selecting the appropriate implant type and size. There are saline breast implants and silicone breast implants. Some are smooth and others have a texture to them.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes will go over the options available to you and help you choose the best one to fit your needs.

The Procedure

The breast augmentation and lift procedure is a combination of two surgical techniques that requires extensive changes to a woman’s breasts. It will take about two hours to perform, depending on the extent of the changes required. This is much shorter than going through bother separately and will also save time on your period of recovery.

Administering Anesthesia

Your surgery will begin with the application of anesthesia to help you feel comfortable during the surgical process. It’s important that you work with a skilled surgeon who knows the proper amount to deliver to ensure that not too much or too little is used.

Making Strategically Placed Incisions

After the anesthesia is administered, your doctor will make an incision around the areola downwards toward the breast fold. A second incision may be made in case of extreme sagginess. Next, he will make a pocket to insert the implant into the appropriate position.

The incisions will be strategically made to ensure that any resulting post-surgical marks will be hidden as much as possible within the natural curves of the breasts.

The Augmentation Lift Procedure

Once the implant pocket and implants are secure, any excess tissue is removed to get rid of any signs of sagging and create the desired lift.

The incisions are then closed with layered stitches and surgical tape is wrapped around the stitches before it’s bandaged. A surgical bra is also placed over the newly operated breast.

Recovering from a Breast Augmentation

Typically, a breast augmentation and lift may require about a week off from a sedentary job.  Any form of strenuous or physically stressful activities are best avoided for about 6 weeks.

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