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Liposuction – Fat Reduction – Los Angeles

Sometimes, dieting and exercise have their limits when it comes to helping us achieve our aesthetic goals. There are stubborn fat deposits that can sit around the stomach, thighs and buttocks and seem to refuse to go away. If you are active and have a healthy lifestyle but struggle with troublesome fat deposits, liposuction may be right for you.

Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can target areas of the body for fat removal. The procedure involves a thin, hollow tube called a cannula that is attached to a vacuum device. The cannula is inserted through tiny incisions, and the practitioner then works to remove fat to improve body contours.

There are many liposuction techniques available, including ultrasonic, SmartLipo, VASERlipo, power-assisted liposuction, and conventional tumescent liposuction.

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