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Why Faith in the Lord and Jesus Has a Place in Medicine and Plastic Surgery

For too many years, society has tried to divorce in every way possible science from religion.  The field of medicine is taught as a scientific pursuit, and really no one in medical school or residency makes any reference to the Bible, the Lord, or Jesus.  In fact, education curriculum specifically avoids that at all levels of curriculum, even if students may be seeking it.

Medicine should not divorce itself from faith, and doctors should not have to hide beliefs and convictions.  We live in a world where every day ushers in a new campaign to combat hatred against a specific group.  The hatred and disdain for Christians and believers is real and should not be tolerated at any level.  In the United States, people are literally permitted to believe anything they want and they are permitted to alter themselves and their bodies in any way possible.

Plastic surgery and faith work in conjunction with one another.   Dr. Kenneth Hughes realizes the importance of faith in his patient’s lives and for their healing and peace of mind.  For those who believe, there is nothing more important than faith in God and Jesus.

Faith energizes the spirit and provides strength and comfort.  Christians for too long have been categorized as fools or simpletons whose dedication to the higher power is neither logical or reasonable.  All throughout social media, negative commentaries about Christians is not looked upon as a problem or as hatred of a group.

Christians have been shamed for their faith, and there seems to be no end in sight.  Christians should not be afraid to espouse their views, and Christians should not be attacked for their views.  Just because this definition of hate does not fit a current narrative, it is overlooked by much of society, the media, and politicians as well.

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