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Plastic Surgeon Wins Half Million Dollars Award after Patient Defames Him Online

A Sydney plastic surgeon has been awarded $450,000 in damages for defamation after the Federal Court found he was the target of a tirade of online abuse by a woman on whom he decided not to operate. Justice Michael Wigney said the “sustained, far-reaching and virulent” campaign waged by former patient Catherine Cruse against Dr […]

Dr. Kenneth Hughes – Christian

Much of medicine and plastic surgery is completely devoid of faith.  It is almost as though being faithful, religious, or accountable to a higher power is looked down upon or frowned upon.  That individual is looked upon as something lesser.  Many people look to those of faith as gullible or suckers or those who are […]

Criminals Criminals Everywhere: Absurd Tactics of Plastic Surgery Patients

It may be hard to believe but plastic surgery patients are getting worse and worse.  This week alone there were two chargebacks from credit card companies from patients for surgeries already performed.  Imagine the nerve of an individual who thinks that he or she will get their money back for a surgery by fraudulently saying […]

Hospital Pricing and How to Know What Something Costs

Does Anyone Know How Much It Will Cost to Have Surgery at a Hospital? Most of the time, the answer to that is no.  Patients only typically know the answer when they receive the bill.  Admittedly, this is an odd circumstance as the bills can be significant and can vary tremendously.  A recent article by […]

Plastic Surgery Is Not Just about Looks and Beauty

The reality is, everyone’s life experience is unique, and how we feel about ourselves and how we look is important. The motivation to have cosmetic treatments or even undergo surgery can run way deeper than the stigma would have us believe but it can also be quite simple: Some people just want to. Lots of […]

Different Breast Implant Surfaces Cause Different Immune Responses in Patients

MIT news office recently published the findings of MIT researchers for breast implant surfaces and the immune responses in patients.  Implant surface influences the development of scarring, inflammation, and other complications.  This is something plastic surgeons have known for years. Silicone breast implants have been in use since the 1960s, and the earliest versions had […]

Do Patients Have Any Appreciation for the Extremely Difficult Scenarios That Are Expertly Navigated

As a combination procedure and complex revision plastic surgery expert, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has a plastic surgery practice unlike that of anyone else.   The practice is not limited to face or breast or body surgeries.  The practice is not limited to straightforward first time or primary plastic surgery.  The practice is also not limited to […]

Why Some Patients Cannot Have The Plastic Surgery They Want

Many patients underestimate the complexity of plastic surgery and the potential pitfalls of operating on the improper candidate.  For instance, some medical issues may have never been identified for that particular patient.  Sometimes a patient may have a particularly severe form of anemia that was not recognized before a routine lab test is administered.   This […]

Why Faith in the Lord and Jesus Has a Place in Medicine and Plastic Surgery

For too many years, society has tried to divorce in every way possible science from religion.  The field of medicine is taught as a scientific pursuit, and really no one in medical school or residency makes any reference to the Bible, the Lord, or Jesus.  In fact, education curriculum specifically avoids that at all levels […]

Why Did The CDC Feel Compelled to Rescind Mask Mandate?

Why Did The CDC Feel Compelled to Rescind Mask Mandate? It does not have to be reiterated again the massive loss of life that has occurred due to the novel coronavirus over the past year has been staggering.  The better part of a million people are dead due to the novel coronavirus.  Now that the […]

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After searching for months for the perfect Dr, I came across Dr Hughes. He's so kind and honest! He responds to all my emails within a short period of time. (I send him a lot of questions, trust me) I'm 5'3 about 115. Pretty petite frame but he was able to put 960 cc into each cheek and also added some fat into my hips. Which I think is ammmmazing. I didn't think I had that much fat for him to transfer. With the aggressive lipo he is known for I had very little bruising and I felt fine 3 days post op! I'm so in love with my new butt and tiny waist, it's perfect!