by Kenneth Hughes, MD
Liposuction Expert in Los Angeles

Liposuction is a procedure that is utilized to remove subcutaneous fat to help create better facial and body contours. Almost any part of the body can liposuctioned. I have liposuctioned the abdomen, sides, flanks, lower back, upper back, posterior neck, submental areas, jowls, arms, thighs, calves, ankles, buttocks, hips, knees. Notably absent from the list are the earlobes and digits. There is very little fat present on those areas.

Liposuction is performed by administering a small probe or cannula through a small incision in the skin and then utilizing negative pressure fat is extracted through small holes near the tip of the cannula. The procedure can be very effective. The most important aspect to a great liposuction result is to create a skin-fat flap of uniform thickness. A uniformly suctioned area, representing equal thickness throughout the flap, will create the smoothest result. Herein lies the skill of liposuction. Is the surgeon capable of liposuctioning a great deal of fat for a dramatic result while keeping the liposuction precisely tuned to create a smooth result that does not look done, rippled, dented, or deformed.

80% of the liposuction procedures that Dr. Hughes performs are revision procedures. This means another surgeon gave his or her best surgical attempt to create a pleasing result for the patient. However, the patient is not satisfied with the result for any number of reasons. Many times the result is too conservative. In other words, the patient sees little improvement or feels that the result is not significant or dramatic enough. Other times, the result has deformities or dents or cannula tracks or irregularities. Though these areas can usually be improved, improvement may require more liposuction, fat grafting, skin tightening, skin removal, or a combination of these entities. Liposuction revisions are intrinsically more difficult and require more skill due the underlying scar tissue, which results in irregular surgical paths and false pathways. These procedures require precision, patience, and perseverance.

Liposuction will not improve the skin, but it can create a dramatic improvement in the way a person looks. It will not alter the underlying musculoskeletal anatomy. Very little can alter this parameter. However, the skin can be improved with skin removal or with BodyTite or FaceTite. This new technology is a revolutionary, beneficial adjunct that can create smoothness and tightness to the skin that has been heretofore impossible.

You can view many Liposuction Videos and BodyTite and FaceTite Videos of Dr. Kenneth Hughes on YouTube.

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