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Breast Reduction Los Angeles Beverly Hills Before and After Photo Galleries
Photo Gallery 1
       Dr. Hughes has performed hundreds of breast reductions.  Dr. Hughes offers breast reduction surgery to women sufferering from back and neck pain secondary to large breasts. The procedure not only reduces the size of the breasts but serves to lift the breasts as well.
       The procedure typically requires a Wise pattern skin removal pattern to lift the breast. This is referred to as an anchor lift or inverted T lift. See breast reduction before and after photo galleries to gain a sense of the scar pattern. Some smaller breast reduction procedures can be performed with smaller excision patterns.  
       Dr. Hughes can reduce most any size breast to a C or a D cup. It is always important to remember body dimensions in breast reduction and not reduce a woman's breasts to make her disproportionately small.
       The breast reduction procedure takes between two and three hours to perform. Patients go home the same day. Dr. Hughes does not use drainage tubes. Patients follow up within 7 days. Pain is minimal, and patients can go back to work in 3 or 4 days.
breast reduction Los Angeles 3breast reduction Los Angeles 4
breast reduction Los Angeles 3        breast reduction Los Angeles 4
       Notice that the breasts are lifted and smaller.  The scars are barely perceptible in a breast reduction in most patients.
breast reduction Beverly Hills 5breast reduction Beverly Hills 6
breast reduction Beverly Hills 5       breast reduction Beverly Hills 6
      This patient wanted a small reduction.  The symmetry is perfect and scars are healing well.
Los Angeles breast reduction 11Los Angeles breast reduction 12
             Los Angeles breast reduction 11                 Los Angeles breast reduction 12
     This patient requested a large breast reduction.  The postoperative result is from the first postoperative day.  She has minimal bruising and swelling.  She had no pain at this time.  The result is fantastic with much better symmetry and lift.  She still wanted to be a D. 
Beverly Hills breast reduction 15Beverly Hills breast reduction 16
       Beverly Hills breast reduction 15       Beverly Hills breast reduction 16
         This patient had extremely large breasts and a great deal of asymmetry, which was corrected with the breast reduction surgery.
breast reduction Los Angeles 15breast reduction Los Angeles 16
         breast reduction Los Angeles 15                         breast reduction Los Angeles 16
      This patient had extremely loose skin and a lot of asymmetry.  The result reveals much improved contours, symmetry, and lifted breasts. 

breast reduction Los Angeles breast reduction Beverly Hills breast lift Los Angeles Harvard

breast reduction Los Angeles breast reduction Beverly Hills breast lift in Los Angeles Harvard

breast reduction Los Angeles breast reduction Beverly Hills breast lift in Beverly Hills Harvard