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The Removal of Fat Necrosis or Dead Fat with Fat Necrosis Expert Dr. Kenneth Hughes

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, is an expert at fat necrosis removal in its various presentations. Fat necrosis is the death of fat that occurs usually secondary to the lack of blood supply. Without the blood supply, the fat dies and becomes calcified and hard. This necrotic fat then may be painful or create an unpleasing appearance. Fat necrosis typically occurs as a result of trauma or secondary to transfer of fat during a surgical procedure.

Most commonly, Dr. Kenneth Hughes of Hughes Plastic Surgery sees this dead fat phenomenon secondary to Brazilian butt lift procedures or BBL procedures. Dr. Hughes specializes in revision surgery and in this particular surgery as well. The fat necrosis may need to be removed if it persists over a period of months or is extremely painful. Sometimes the dead fat can create dents, and sometimes it can create a large unsightly lump.

Dead fat, unlike living fat, cannot be removed by liposuction, or removal of fat through a cannula by pressure extraction. The dead fat hardened by calcium must be removed in total through an incision in the skin, much like a cyst or a tumor is removed.

If the removal is extensive, reconstruction with additional fat grafting may be necessary as well. Thus, the issue of fat necrosis requires an expert skill set to create the optimal result. The goal is both optimal removal of the dead fat while sparing any living adjacent tissue to minimize the overall defect and allow for the best possible reconstruction.

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