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Brazilian Butt Lift Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Hughes performs approximately FIVE HUNDRED (500) Brazilian butt lifts EVERY YEAR in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas. The demand for these procedures is extraordinarily high, and Dr. Hughes sees patients from almost every state in the US, Canada, England, France, Scandinavia, the Middle East, China, India, the Philippines, Australia, and Africa. About 50% of Dr. Hughes’s patients come from out of state for his expert services.


1) Dr. Hughes has been a natural body builder for over 20 years, and, quite simply, he understands what works to build a magnificent physique.

2) You will not find a plastic surgeon more available to his patients through email or by phone. This applies not only to the preoperative period but also to the postoperative period as well.

What is the Brazilian Butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift involves transferring your own fat from your abdomen, sides, back, arms, legs or other locations to your BUTTOCKS and/or HIPS.

The improvement in the buttocks is two fold. First, significant volume can be added to the buttocks, producing much larger, more projected buttocks. Second, the fat is expertly placed to produce very shapely, custom tailored buttocks. Even large defects in the buttocks or marked asymmetry can be remedied with this technique.

Dr. Hughes performs the buttock lift or buttock augmentation to create whatever shape or silhouette you desire. Dr. Hughes has adopted this technique for butt augmentation and prefers this method over butt augmentation by semisolid implants. The procedure has an extremely low rate of complications in Dr. Hughes’s experience and a high patient satisfaction rate.

The operation is a straightforward outpatient procedure in which up to 5 liters is suctioned through only3 tiny incisions in discrete locations. The fat is purified in the operating room and transferred above the gluteus muscles and superficially into the gluteus muscles and surrounding tissue of the buttocks. Frequently, Dr. Hughes transfers 1200 cc to 2000 cc per buttock to give the most dramatic transformation possible. Dr. Hughes also performs fat transfers to the hips in excess of 400 cc per side.

Safety in The Brazilian Buttlift

For over 20 years, the Brazilian buttlift was taught to young surgeons as a method to improve the body contours and to augment hip and buttock projection by liposuctioning unwanted areas of fat and transferring that fat to the buttocks and hips. The transfer of fat to the muscle layer was preferred as the vascularity of the muscle was better and allowed for better fat graft viability or take. There is truth to this. However, there was a really unknown danger of performing the surgery in this way. The fat even though it was injected through blunt cannula it was somehow able to get into the venous system and cause fat emboli, which could lead to death.

Although doctors knew about fat emboli as a cause of death in the Brazilian buttlift and other procedures as well including liposuction and orthopedic procedures and this was certainly not considered malpractice or negligence, no one realized the extent to which these fat emboli were occurring. In 2017, a survey was taken of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons to ask about experience with the Brazilian buttlift and the rate of fat emboli. Although only a small percentage responded, there were over 130 fat emboli reported. This number indicated that this occurs about 1:1000 procedures. As a result, some recommendations were provided to improve the safety of this procedure.

Larger cannulae and more superficial injection into the fat and under the skin were recommended. Injecting into any portion of the muscle may cause the fat emboli to get into the venous system and result in emboli and death.

Dr. Hughes recognized the need to shift the paradigm in 2015 when he shifted to a totally subcutaneous or under the skin procedure, which you can see on his you tube videos. For over three years and 1500 BBLs, Dr. Hughes has not had a single incidence of a fat embolus. I can assure you that this much better statistically than average. In addition, this method may wholly eliminate the risk.

Dr. Hughes has still been able to transfer volumes of fat as high as 2000 cc per buttock, but this is never deeper than the skin level.
Just this month, the global task force recommended performing the procedure in the subcutaneous level or NOT AT ALL.

Safety is always number one for patients, but there are admittedly times when science gets ahead of itself. Dr. Hughes recognized the problem with injecting fat into the muscle several years ago and altered his technique accordingly.

Dr. Hughes also performs many buttock implant surgeries for patients who are disinclined to have the Brazilian buttlift surgery or who want to have buttock implant surgery.

Who is A GOOD CANDIDATE for the Brazilian Butt lift?

Dr. Hughes has patients who range in weight from 98 to 110 lbs to over 200 lbs. There are very few patients who will not benefit tremendously from the Brazilian butt lift performed by Dr. Hughes.

Large Volume Transfers for Maximum Results

Dr. Hughes has performed many high volume outpatient liposuction (5 liters) cases and high volume fat transfers to the buttocks (over 2 liters). This allows for an improvement in buttock volume to the maximum extent possible.

Few plastic surgeons have performed as many of these large volume transfers as has Dr. Hughes. Dr. Hughes finds that fat augmentation with over 1 liter per buttock is not only safe, but the patients appreciate the dramatic change in butt appearance. About 50% to 75% of the fat survives as the literature has demonstrated. Thus, results are PERMANENT after the first few months.

Brazilian Butt lift Revisions

The two main reasons for revision after a Brazilian butt lift are too little liposuctioned or too little transferred. About 35% of Dr. Hughes’s patients have had a previous Brazilian butt lift. Thus, it is important from a financial standpoint, a safety standpoint, and a frustration standpoint to have the surgery performed well the first time.


Dr. Hughes encounters every kind of anatomy you could imagine. He sees short buttocks and long buttocks and skinny buttocks and wide buttocks. He sees buttocks that are muscular and buttocks that are flabby. He can improve anyone’s physique with this technique.

Dr. Hughes has adopted this technique for butt augmentation and prefers this method over butt augmentation by semisolid implants. The procedure has an extremely low rate of complications in Dr. Hughes’s experience and a high patient satisfaction rate.


The operation is a straightforward outpatient procedure in which up to 5 liters is suctioned through tiny incisions in discrete locations.All of the harvested fat is purified in the operating room and transferred into above the gluteus muscles and superficially into the gluteus muscles and surrounding tissue of the buttocks.

The procedure takes about 2 hours to perform. The operation is performed in our accredited outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia with a board certified anesthesiologist. Your safety is our number one priority. Patients return home from the operation the same day. Patients can usually return to work within 1 week.

The swelling and bruising reduce a great amount over the first two to three weeks. The patient is encouraged to wear the compression garment for the first six weeks to improve shape,increase the rate of healing, and decrease the rate of seroma formation (fluid collection formation).


The final results will not be observed for approximately 6 months. Approximately 50% to 75% of the fat stays in the buttock permanently.
The results of the butt lift can be tailored to almost any specification.

The result can be conservative. The result can be dramatic.
You decide. Dr. Hughes Delivers.

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Brazilian Buttlift


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All articles are written by Dr. Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Harvard-educated, Harvard-trained, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles




  • STOP SMOKING: Smoking reduces circulation to the skin and impedes healing. It is best to avoid smoking, second hand smoke and cigarette replacements, such as nicotine patches or gum, in the perioperati ve period. While you should ideally stop smoking for 2 weeks before and after your surgical procedure, YOU MUST NOT SMOKE FOR A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS BEFORE AND 24 HOURS AFTER SURGERY.
  • TAKE MULTIVITAMINS: Start taking multivitamins twice daily to improve your general health once you have scheduled your surgery.
  • TAKE VITAMIN C: Start taking 500 mg of Vitamin C twice dai ly to promote healing.
  • START TAKING AN IRON SUPPLEMENT: A good iron supplement, such as Feosol Spansules, is required starting one week before surgery and four weeks following surgery. Bowel movements may appear darker than usual as a result. Feosol is available without prescription.
  • DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN OR IBUPROFEN: Stop taking medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen. Review the list of drugs containing aspirin and ibuprofen carefully. Such drugs can cause bleeding problems during and after surgery. Instead, use medications containing acetaminophen (such as Tylenol).
  • LIMIT VITAMIN E: Limit your intake of Vitamin E to less than 400 mg per day.
  • FILL YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS: You will be given prescri ptions for medications. Please have them filled BEFORE the day of surgery and bring them with you.
  • CONFIRM SURGERY TIME: We wi ll call you to confinn the time of your surgery. If you are not going to be at home or at your office, please call us to confirm at (310) 275-4170.
  • PRESCRIPTIONS: Make sure that you have filled the prescriptions you were given and set the medications out to bring with you tomorrow. Make sure to have the number for your pharmacy ready so that if Dr. Hughes and associates need to call in any special medications for you on your day of surgery they wi ll have that infonnation readily available.
  • CLEANSING: The night before surgery, shower and wash the surgical areas with an antibacterial soap such as Dial, Safeguard, pHisoHex, or Phase II I.
  • EATING AND DRINKING: Do not eat or drink anything after 12:00 midnight except for a small amount of water to rinse your mouth while brushing your teeth.
  • SPECIAL INFORMATION: Do not eat or drink anything! Ifyou take a daily medication, you may take it with a sip of water in the early morning.
  • ORAL HYGIENE: You may brush your teeth but do not swallow the water.
  • CLEANS ING: Shower and wash the surg ical areas again with an antibacterial soap such as Dial, Safeguard, pHisoHex, or Phase Ill.
  • MAKE-UP: Please do not wear moisturizers, creams, lotions, or makeup.
  • CLOTHING: Wear only comfortable, loose-fining clothing that does not go over your head. NO TIGHT PANTS. Remove hairpins, wigs, and jewelry. Please do not bring valuables with you.
  • You should plan to arrive 45 minutes earlier than your scheduled surgery time. Patients less than 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. When you arrive at our office on the day of your surgery, give the receptionist the phone number of the pharmacy you would like us to call for any spec ial medications Dr. Hughes and associates might prescribe.
  • CARETAKER: Someone must spend the first night after surgery with you.



  1. The first week you will need to rest frequently. You need to walk around the house as tolerated. Avoid stairs if possible.
  2. For the first six weeks post-op sleep on your stomach.
  3. Avoid picking anything up greater than 5 lbs the first 4 to 6 weeks.
  4. No exercise for 4 to 6 weeks.
  5. No sitting for greater than 30 minutes for the first 6 weeks. Take a short break of standing after 30 minutes of sitting, and then you may resume sitting.
  6. When you are sitting, place a pillow under your thighs to elevate the buttocks and eliminate pressure on the buttocks.
  7. You may not drive the first week or while you are taking pain medication. After that it will depend on your ability to handle a car without causing any discomfort. You should wear your seatbelt at all times.
  8. Do not engage in sexual activity at least 4-6 weeks after your surgery.
  9. No smoking. This will interfere with your healing and the fat may not live.


  1. Eat light the first 24 hours, clear liquids advancing to a regular diet as tolerated.
  2. If you have persistent nausea stick to a bland diet until it subsides.
  3. Avoid foods that can cause a lot of gas. This can cause abdominal distention and undue discomfort. Small frequent meals are best.
  4. The pain medicine may cause constipation. Drink plenty of fluids. You may take any over the counter laxatives or stool softeners as needed.


  1. You will have abdominal binder over your abdominal dressings. Change dressings as needed. YOU SHOULD WEAR THE BINDER 24-7 FOR 6 WEEKS, ONLY REMOVE FOR SHOWERING.
  2. It is normal to have numbness over the surgical sites for several weeks or months.
  3. Do not use a heating pad or ice around the surgical sites. It could cause a burn.
  4. You may shower the following day, place new dressings, followed by same foam and put same garment as instructed, making sure to have garment covering pubic area.
  5. It is normal to see lots of drainage on abdominal dressings.
  6. When drainage has stopped replace dressings with a T-shirt keep using the foam and garment as previously instructed.


  1. Take your antibiotic until it is completed.
  2. If the pain medication is a narcotic it should be taken as prescribed. Do not take any Tylenol while on pain medication. The medication we prescribe may already have Tylenol in it.
  3. Do not drink alcohol or drive a car while taking pain medication.
  4. The pain medication may cause nausea and should be taken with food at each dose.
  5. You may resume your regular medication after your surgery except for Vitamin E, Fish oil and Aspirin (wait at least 5 days post-op).
  6. If you take aspirin or coumadin check with the doctor to see when you may resume them.


  1. A temperature greater than 101.5 degrees.
  2. A sudden increase in pain.
  3. If you have persistent vomiting.
  4. Any questions you may have regarding your care.

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