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Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-Trained Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-educated, Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, has treated thousands of patients from all over the world for both cosmetic or revision and reconstructive needs.  Dr. Hughes really does make himself available to his prospective, current, and former patients morning, noon, night, weekends, and holidays.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers virtual consultations through Skype during the COVID pandemic era to minimize contact among office personnel and patients alike.  During these virtual consultations, Dr. Kenneth Hughes will discuss your needs and provide recommendations on procedures that will work best for you to achieve your goals.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes will also respond to your emails or after hour calls AFTER you have had your plastic surgery as well.


Office Phone:  310-275-4170

Office Address: 12732 W. Washington Blvd., Suite B

                           Los Angeles, CA 90066

Office Hours
Monday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Tuesday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Thursday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Closed, Sunday: Closed

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Dr. Kenneth Hughes Provides the Best Plastic Surgery Results


Dr. Kenneth Hughes Was Voted Best Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles in 2020, 2021, and 2022 by at Least Five Independent Review Sources

Video on “How to Select Your Plastic Surgeon” with Dr. Kenneth Hughes


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Online Consultations During the Covid-19 Era

For the near future, Dr. Kenneth Hughes will be offering online consultations through Skype, so that patients can determine what surgeries are appropriate and schedule surgeries.    In-office consultations are welcomed as well with a negative COVID test.

The Skype consultation fee is $300 as is the in-office consultation fee.  These fees will go toward any surgery that Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs for you.


Precautions Taken at Hughes Plastic Surgery During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Era

Dr. Hughes will permit only one patient in the surgery center at a time.  All patients will be asked to get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) prior to surgery.

Any patient who has fever or cough or upper respiratory symptoms or signs or who has been exposed to anyone with fever and/or COVID-19 will be asked to delay surgery. These measures have been implemented and will continue for the next several months if necessary.

  Dr. Kenneth Hughes, in coordination with other plastic surgery leaders, anesthesiologists, hospital and surgery center personnel, has developed a protocol to assure the highest level of safety while COVID-19 concerns persist.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s office staff takes many precautions to combat coronavirus transmission.

    Any patient for surgery or follow-up seen in the office is seen in a particular exam room that has surfaces that can be readily cleansed with antiviral wipes. All surfaces, door handles, drawer handles, counters, and exam room tables and chairs are vigorously disinfected after each patient encounter. Secondly, the cleaning crew is on site every day to clean floors, bathrooms, fixtures, equipment, and even ceilings. All surgeries are scheduled apart from each other so that the surgical patient is the only individual in the surgery center other than the staff members. All family members or friends asked to remain outside the surgery center at all times as long as Covid-19 concerns are prevalent.

  Masks, goggles, and gloves are worn with follow-up patients and surgical patients. Any non-urgent patient follow-ups are conducted over the phone or through email to minimize the influx of people into the office.

    There are many other aspects to this system of protection against coronavirus at Hughes Plastic Surgery. However, protection against the spread of coronavirus involves maintaining clean hands and body surfaces, contact surfaces on which the coronavirus can live, and air portals through which the virus can be transmitted.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s surgery center has an ultrafast air filtration system, which circulates the room volume 30 times an hour. As a last measure, this same filtration system has a UV lighting apparatus, which kills viral particles on contact. It is important to realize that all of these components protect not only against coronavirus, but other infections as well.  Finally, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has ordered special filters for the ventilators to trap any particles exhaled by patients during surgery.  If a patient is looking to have surgery safely, Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s surgery center in Los Angeles has employed every safety measure available.

Note: The current surgery center equipment has NOT been used for those with COVID-19, and the ventilators used contain special filters to eliminate viral particles from the respired air. Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, has been interviewed about precautions that should be taken during the coronavirus (COVID-19) and has been featured on marketwatch.

Why Is There a Nonrefundable Consultation Fee?

Dr. Kenneth Hughes charges a $300 nonrefundable consultation fee for all new patients coming to the office. Dr. Kenneth Hughes also offers Skype consultations for $300.  These fees are also nonrefundable.  The consultation fee goes toward surgery in each case.  If a patient cancels the consultation or attempts to reschedule the consultation within 48 hrs, the consultation fee is not refunded.  If the patient does not arrive at the scheduled time for the office visit or is unavailable for Skype at the scheduled appointment time, that consultation fee is also nonrefundable.

What Is the Minimum Deposit for Scheduling Surgery?

There is a minimum $5000 deposit for scheduling a procedure. This is also nonrefundable.

Surgery Cancellation and Surgery Rescheduling Fees and Surgery Policies

If the surgery is cancelled within 2 weeks of the scheduled date, patient is responsible for 100% of the surgical quote.

If the surgery is cancelled with 1 month of the scheduled date, patient is responsible for 50% of the surgical quote.

If the surgery is rescheduled within 2 weeks of the scheduled date, patient is responsible for $2500 rescheduling fee in addition to the total amount of the surgical quote.

If the surgery is rescheduled within 1 month of the scheduled date, patient is responsible for $1000 rescheduling fee in addition to the total amount of the surgical quote.

Fraudulent credit card attempts have been and will continue to be reported to the local police department.  These attempts have become commonplace and will not be tolerated.

If patient does not receive medical clearance at a particular time, the surgery can be delayed until such time as patient is optimized and cleared for surgery.  In the rare event that a patient is deemed unfit for surgery for the duration of their natural lives, a complete copy of all medical records from the clearance doctor must be submitted to Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s office for review and for independent review by another medical professional.  This has become a necessity due to numerous attempts to defraud the business.


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