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Thigh Lift Surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, has performed thigh lifts in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for over a decade.  If you have loose skin on your thighs and do not feel comfortable wearing shorts, swimsuits, or tighter clothing, a thigh lift may be the correct surgery for you.  In addition, those patients who have liposuction deformities, dimpling, or loose skin from previous liposuction surgery may benefit from thigh lift surgery as well.   Whatever the cause, Dr. Kenneth Hughes will remove loose skin on the thighs and make the thighs look smaller, smoother, and better.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes Has Performed Hundreds of Thigh Lifts and Thigh Lift Revisions

Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers all variants of the thigh lift to improve the inner and outer thighs as well as the front and back of the thighs.   The ultimate thigh lift procedure is based upon patient desires and anatomical configuration.

A medial or inner thigh lifts addresses loose skin in the inner thigh that usually occurs as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, previous surgery such as liposuction, or up-and-down dieting.  Some thigh lifts can be performed with a scar that is hidden in the groin crease. Some may require an incision that extends for a distance down the inner thigh, which is very difficult to see when placed appropriately.  Any additional improvement near the lower part of the thigh and knee will involve an extended medial thigh lift (extended inner thigh lift).

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Groin Incision Thigh Lift

The groin incision thigh lift can be a very powerful tool to improve skin laxity along the inner thighs. The beauty of its design is that the scar can be hidden in the groin crease so that some of these scars are almost undetectable. At the same time, done correctly, inner thigh laxity to the level of the mid-thigh can be improved dramatically.  The groin incision inner thigh lift will NOT improve the skin near the knees.

The Extended Inner Thigh Lift

The extended medial (inner) thigh lift is typically reserved for patients who have undergone massive weight loss.  However, there are certainly many patients without massive weight loss history who will benefit from this type of thigh lift.  The scar typically extends from the groin crease down the inner aspect of the thigh to the knee so that the scar is difficult to detect upon casual gaze.  This allows for maximal removal of skin and maximal tightening for the entirety of the thigh down to the knee.  Many patients who have undergone weight loss through surgery or diet or exercise may need other surgeries including tummy tuck, arm lift, body lift, breast lift, and Brazilian buttlift or BBL among others.

What is the Cost of Thigh Lift in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills?

The cost of the Groin Incision Thigh Lift is $12,000 to $15,000, depending upon the extent of excision.

The cost of the Extended Inner Thigh Lift is $15,000 to $20,000.

Please note that pricing and cost for Thigh Lift may vary based on the individual needs of the patient.

Other Thigh Lift Surgeries that Dr. Kenneth Hughes Performs

There are other variants of the thigh lift like the anterior (front), lateral (outer) or posterior (back) thigh lift.  A posterior thigh lift or inferior butt lift utilizes an incision in the gluteal fold (underneath the buttocks). In this manner, the buttocks, back of thighs, and outer thighs are lifted during the same procedure.  Patients may have many areas of skin laxity on the thighs, and Dr. Kenneth Hughes can tailor any operation to improve that specific area or multiple specific areas.

In addition, these thigh lift surgeries may be combined with other procedures including mommy makeover surgeries or arm lifts.

Alternatives to Thigh Lifts

While the thigh lift is certainly effective in its removal of tissue and correcting issues of skin laxity and reducing arm size and circumference, the scar produced is often objectionable to many patients. Dr. Kenneth Hughes, MD has extensive experience and amazing successes with the Bodytite technology to avoid the longer scars associated with thigh lifts and arm lifts as well as other excisional procedures such as tummy tuck, butt lifts, etc.  Bodytite can be used in conjunction with liposuction to tighten the tissues of the thighs or arms or wherever by about 40%.  These types of results will not be achievable by another technology or my another surgeon.  Although Bodytite will never reproduce the excisional surgical results, optimal treatment by Dr. Kenneth Hughes can come pretty close.

Thigh Lift Videos with Dr. Kenneth Hughes

Thigh Lift Recovery

Dr. Hughes will give the best thigh lift results possible on the surgical table, but any great surgical result can be ruined if the proper postoperative routine is not followed. Dr. Kenneth Hughes provides nutritional recommendations including consumption of at least 100 grams of protein each day for the first 6 weeks following surgery.  Drinking water and thin soup as the mainstay of postoperative nutrition is unacceptable and will lead to incision separation and opening and possible infection as well as prolonged healing necessitating wound care and need for revision.  These complications are almost entirely avoidable by following Dr. Hughes’s postoperative recommendations, abstaining from sex and exercise for 6 weeks, and not placing tension on the incisions with body positioning.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes will typically see patients at 1 week, at 4 to 6 weeks, and at 3 to 6 months for follow-up.  It is not acceptable for patients to not return for follow-up. Dr. Hughes must see you and communicate with you to assure the best results. Dr. Kenneth Hughes is available by phone at all hours of the day and night, including weekends and holidays, so there is NO excuse to not contact the office or Dr. Hughes personally about your recovery.  Going to the emergency room to receive plastic surgery treatment or advice is not acceptable as these individuals will not have the vast experience of Dr. Hughes for your specific surgery and management.  Many times the treatment or lack thereof received from the emergency room or hospital staff makes Dr. Hughes’s job more difficult or leads to additional need for surgery or revision or other corrective measures.

Thigh Lift Results

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has extensive experience in massive weight loss and body contouring surgery from both his residency and his aesthetic fellowship at Harvard Medical School as well as throughout the thousands of body contouring procedures he has performed in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.  Thigh lifts, arm lifts, breast lifts, and tummy tucks are performed in combination and with exacting precision, and his patients have been so grateful.

Thigh Lift: Frequently Asked Questions

I want a thigh lift, but I am scared of scars. What should I do?

Dr. Hughes has extensive experience in groin incision thigh lifts and concealing those scars. If you have significant skin laxity, the thigh lift can produce a very much improve contour.


I lost a lot of weight and I want other areas improved as well. Can the thigh lift be combined with other surgeries?

Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs as many combination procedures as any surgeon you will find. Dr. Kenneth Hughes has extensive experience in combination and complex procedures in massive weight loss patients, and he can determine what is both reasonable and safe for you.


Contact the office of Dr. Kenneth Hughes to schedule your consultation for a thigh lift in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills.  We will be happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Thigh Lift Pre-operative and Post-operative Instructions

Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers Thigh Lift Pre-Op Instructions in Los Angeles
Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers Thigh Lift Post-Op Instructions in Los Angeles

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