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Online Consultations

Dr. Kenneth Hughes will be offers online consultations through Skype, so that patients can determine what surgeries are appropriate for them and to facilitate scheduling of their surgeries.

To set up a virtual consult with Dr. Hughes, you may either call the office at 310-275-4170 or fill out a contact form on the website. The Skype consultation fee is $300, and is nonrefundable. The fees will go toward any surgery that Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs for you.

precautions taken during the coronavirus (covid-19) era

Dr. Hughes will permit only one patient in the surgery center at a time.  All patients will be asked to get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) prior to in-office consultation and surgery.   Any patient who has fever or cough or upper respiratory symptoms or signs or who has been exposed to anyone with fever and/or COVID-19 will be asked to delay in-office c0nsultation or surgery.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, in coordination with other plastic surgery leaders, anesthesiologists, hospital and surgery center personnel, has developed a protocol to assure the highest level of safety while COVID-19 concerns persist.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s office staff takes many precautions to combat coronavirus transmission.

Any patient for surgery or follow-up seen in the office is seen in a particular exam room that has surfaces that can be readily cleansed with antiviral wipes. All surfaces, door handles, drawer handles, counters, and exam room tables and chairs are vigorously disinfected after each patient encounter. Secondly, the cleaning crew is on site every day to clean floors, bathrooms, fixtures, equipment, and even ceilings. All surgeries are scheduled apart from each other so that the surgical patient is the only individual in the surgery center other than the staff members. All family members or friends asked to remain outside the surgery center at all times as long as Covid-19 concerns are prevalent.

Masks, goggles, and gloves are worn with follow-up patients and surgical patients. Any non-urgent patient follow-ups are conducted over the phone or through email to minimize the influx of people into the office.

There are many other aspects to this system of protection against coronavirus at Hughes Plastic Surgery. However, protection against the spread of coronavirus involves maintaining clean hands and body surfaces, contact surfaces on which the coronavirus can live, and air portals through which the virus can be transmitted.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s surgery center has an ultrafast air filtration system, which circulates the room volume 30 times an hour. As a last measure, this same filtration system has a UV lighting apparatus, which kills viral particles on contact. It is important to realize that all of these components protect not only against coronavirus, but other infections as well.  Finally, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has ordered special filters for the ventilators to trap any particles exhaled by patients during surgery.  If a patient is looking to have surgery safely, Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s surgery center in Los Angeles has employed every safety measure available.

Note: The current surgery center equipment has NOT been used for those with Covid-19, and the ventilators used contain special filters to eliminate viral particles from the respired air.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, has been interviewed about precautions that should be taken during the coronavirus (COVID-19) and has been featured on marketwatch.

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