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Breast Augmentation & Lift

Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs breast augmentation and breast lift combination procedures in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Some plastic surgeons will stage the procedures and separate the procedures into two surgeries (a breast augmentation at one time and a breast lift at another). Dr. Hughes has not found that to be necessary based on the low complication rate and predictability of the result of the combination procedures in Dr. Hughes’s hands. Performing both procedures at the same time also reduces exposure to the number of general anesthesia procedures and results in a single recovery time.

dr. kenneth hughes voted among best breast surgeon in beverly hills and los angeles

Dr. Kenneth Hughes can perform breast augmentation through the belly button (transumbilical augmentation, TUBA), the armpit (transaxillary), or incisions made under the areola (periareolar) or in the fold of the breast (IMF or inframammary fold). Dr. Hughes performs breast augmentation both above the muscle (subglandular) and under the muscle (submuscular), and he offers saline, silicone, and gummy bear implants in a broad array of volumes and profiles. Implants can be textured or smooth, round or teardrop (anatomic). If you have a particular way in which you would like your procedure performed, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has done it for other patients. Dr. Hughes will provide his recommendations to each patient based upon the patient’s anatomy and desires, but the patient can select among what Dr. Hughes finds reasonable about incision placement and implant size.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes was voted among the best breast surgeons in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers the full array of breast surgeries including breast augmentation with implants, breast augmentation and breast lift combination surgeries, breast implant revision surgeries, breast lifts, and breast reduction procedures, along with inverted nipple correction surgeries.

breast augmentation

In most patients, breast augmentation with an implant is intended to both increases the size of the breast and the upper pole fullness of the breast.  Thus, most patients are very good candidates for a round implant and not a teardrop or anatomic implant.  These anatomic or teardrop implants were originally developed for reconstructive purposes for patients who had undergone mastectomy.  Thus, the goal of the augmentation was to recreate the breast mound from a flat surface.

Now compare this goal to the goal of most women who seek breast augmentation.  Most women have more breast tissue at the bottom of the breast and do not need more augmentation at the bottom of the breast.  This essentially creates a more matronly look, which most patients do not appreciate as the aesthetic ideal.  Thus, the round implant creates a more pleasing aesthetic for most women.

There is essentially no benefit to textured implants over smooth implants for any submuscular augmentation.  Textured implants were initially used to combat unacceptably high capsular contracture rates when implants were placed above the muscle or below the gland (called subglandular augmentation).  Textured implants essentially result in more rippling and greater palpability and thus do not have a benefit outside of subglandular augmentation.  Textured implants have also been linked to a rare type of cancer, so at this time, Dr. Hughes does not use textured breast implants.

The volume of augmentation frequently creates an undue amount of concern among patients, as volume is rather uniformly difficult to appreciate among humans.  It is helpful to have different-sized implants for both viewing and sizing (trying on various implant sizes).  In addition, Dr. Hughes vastly simplifies the process by creating a narrow range from within which patients can choose based upon patient breast diameter and the diameters of available implants in their various profiles.  The goal is to match the diameter of the breast to the diameter of the breast implant and then modulate the volume within that group based on the profile.  For instance, a higher profile implant is a taller implant for a given diameter.  Thus a higher profile implant for a given diameter will have a large volume than a lower profile implant of the same diameter.  If you are interested in a more natural breast augmentation with fat grafting, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed hundreds of these fat transfer procedures as well.  Breast fat transfer procedures can also be combined with breast lift procedures.

breast lift

There are many variations in the types of breast augmentation and breast lift procedures performed, and Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed them all at his Los Angeles surgery center. The simplest type of breast lift is the crescent lift. The crescent lift involves the removal of a crescent of skin above the areola. It is seldom indicated as it can elongate the areola and make the areola appear very ovoid.
The periareolar lift involves making an incision around the areola and lifting the nipple-areola complex (NAC). This is referred to as a circumareolar, concentric, or Benelli lift. This lift only works for a small amount of breast droop (breast ptosis). It can also be used to improve the symmetry of the areolae or to reduce their size of the areolae.  This type of breast lift tends to flatten the breast to some degree. It should not be used in cases with greater breast droop, sagginess, or ptosis.

The vertical breast lift can be used for more severe droopiness.  This breast lift involves a vertical and a periareolar incision and is referred to as a circumvertical lift or lollipop lift. Dr. Kenneth Hughes always tries to minimize the scars and will only use the full breast lift pattern if it is mandatory for the best shape and lift.

The anchor breast lift pattern or full breast lift or inverted T breast lift involves a vertical breast lift with an additional horizontal incision in the inframammary fold.  This breast lift is utilized for more severe ptosis or droop and is the most powerful in shaping the breasts.

Dr. Hughes performs hundreds of breast lifts each year.  Patient anatomy varies greatly from perfectly round breasts that are close together to constricted breasts that are far apart. Some breasts have a little droop or ptosis, and some breasts have a lot of droops. Viewing the breast lift galleries will give you an idea of what type of transformation you can expect.

what is the cost of breast augmentation and breast lift in los angeles and beverly hills, ca

The cost of breast augmentation and breast lift is $18,000 with saline implants, $19,000 with silicone implants, and $21,000 with gummy bear implants.

Please note that the pricing and cost for breast augmentation and breast lift may vary based on the individual needs of the patient.

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Dr. Hughes performs numerous types of breast procedures, including breast augmentation with fat grafting, breast reduction, breast augmentation revision, breast reconstruction, and inverted nipple correction.

patient testimonial

I had to redo my breast implants after 8 years and Dr. Hughes again did an amazing job. I asked for a natural look and that is exactly what I got. The pricing was also affordable. I highly recommend Dr. Hughes to anyone looking for a natural look for breast augmentation surgery.

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As one of the most well-regarded plastic surgeons performing Breast Lift & Augmentation in Los Angeles, Dr. Kenneth Hughes is here to answer all your questions about Breast Lift & Augmentation. To confirm whether you are an ideal candidate for Breast Lift & Augmentation, contact us today to schedule your in-person consultation.