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Brazilian Butt Lift

Enhance Your Curves with Brazilian Butt Lift in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA

BBL offered by Dr. Kenneth Hughes in Los Angeles. Dr. Kenneth Hughes, a Harvard-trained board-certified plastic surgeon, performs hundreds of Brazilian butt lifts in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills every year. He has been and remains one of the most talented BBL experts in the country and worldwide. The Brazilian butt lift involves two separate procedures:

  1. Liposuction of stubborn excess fat from your abdomen, sides, back, arms, legs, or other locations.
  2. Transfer of that liposuctioned fat to your butt and/or your hips.

The demand for these procedures is extraordinarily high, and Dr. Hughes sees patients from almost every state in the U.S., along with Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. About 50% of Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s patients come from out of state for his expert services.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes voted best brazilian buttlift surgeon

Dr. Kenneth Hughes was selected as the best Brazilian Buttlift surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills by Yelp. Dr. Kenneth Hughes was also voted as top-rated plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills by Top-Rated Plastic Surgeon Reviews, Three-Best Rated, Wimgo, and Kev’s Best from 2019 to 2023.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, a Harvard-educated, Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, brings to Southern California a level of expertise and sophistication few have ever achieved. Dr. Hughes performs surgery for hundreds of patients each year and approximately 500 total procedures for those patients in his surgery center in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Dr. Kenneth Hughes is an expert plastic surgeon, textbook and article author, and presenter in many plastic surgery procedures at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

what makes Dr. Hughes’ brazilian butt lift better?

Two factors put Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s Brazilian butt lift above the competition: Results and personal attention.

1) Results: Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed thousands of Brazilian buttlifts, and his consistency and quality of result is unmatched. Dr. Hughes showcases not a few examples but HUNDREDS of Brazilian buttlift before and after pictures on his site depicting a wide variety of patient shapes and anatomies. Patients may be very large or very thin, very square or very hourglass. No matter what your starting point, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has the intrinsic intellect and technical skill to effect to greatest possible change for an individual while leaving behind a natural skin envelope without dents, divots, or irregularities.

The truth about liposuction is that it is far more difficult to perform well than some plastic surgeons and others may suggest. Dr. Hughes has revised thousands of liposuction procedures and has given hope to many patients who thought there was no solution to their situation. Poor liposuction results can severely decrease self esteem and create body image issues that can last a lifetime. That is why it is so very critical to get the surgery done as well as possible the first time. However, if you are reading this after an unfortunate experience, do not lose hope.

2) Personal Attention: Dr. Kenneth Hughes is perhaps the only plastic surgeon who answers his patients’ questions personally by email or phone. Dr. Hughes is available not only during the pre-operative period but also the post-operative period as well. Many doctors or plastic surgeons are available before surgery, and many are great salesmen who can be very charming and tell you exactly what you want to hear. Dr. Kenneth Hughes will give you the facts and will be HONEST with you, because transparency and integrity should come first.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has answered thousands of emails (even on weekends and holidays), and the after-hours urgent line rings to Dr. Hughes’s personal cell phone. Thus, there is ABSOLUTELY NO excuse that patients can have for not reaching Dr. Hughes. There are no middlemen or answering services.

am I a candidate?

Good candidates for Brazilian butt lift are healthy patients with good skin elasticity and fatty deposits amenable to liposuction. Dr. Kenneth Hughes has patients who range in weight from 98 lbs to over 200 lbs. There are very few patients who will not benefit tremendously from the Brazilian butt lift performed by Dr. Hughes. Many times patients are told to gain weight if they are thinner, sometimes as much as 30 to 40 lbs. Dr. Hughes does not recommend weight gain and possesses such skill that he can perform the procedure for much thinner patients as well.

the skinny BBL – BBL results for thinner patients

Dr. Kenneth Hughes is an expert at thin patient or skinny patient liposuction and Brazilian buttlift. The excellence in this procedure requires near perfect liposuction technique to create a perfectly uniform liposuction flap that is extremely thin. The flap cannot be completely devoid of fat as the skin will adhere to the underlying fascia creating a very untoward appearance. However, as much fat as possible must be liposuctioned to gather enough fat to make the buttlift worthwhile. Producing a noticeable improvement in butt projection and hourglass figure while at the same time leaving the liposuctioned areas without a trace of surgery are the hallmarks of expert thin patient Brazilian buttlift surgery.

procedure details

The Brazilian butt lift procedure takes about 2 hours to perform in most cases. The operation is performed in our fully accredited outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia with a board-certified anesthesiologist. Your safety is our number-one priority.

The operation is a straightforward outpatient procedure in which up to 5 liters is liposuctioned through only a few tiny incisions in discrete locations. All of the harvested fat is purified in the operating room by gravity sedimentation and then transferred to syringes.

Some or all of the fat is injected above the gluteus muscles and superficially under the skin into the fat and surrounding tissue of the buttocks and hips. Dr. Hughes DOES NOT inject fat into the muscle in order to all but eliminate the risk for fat embolus and death (although this rate is most probably not zero). Precise placement of the fat is necessary to help reduce the risk for fat pooling and resulting fat necrosis and/or infection.

Frequently, Dr. Kenneth Hughes transfers 1200 cc to 2000 cc or more per buttock to give the most dramatic transformation possible. Dr. Hughes also performs fat transfers to the hips from 200 cc to 1200 cc per side. These significant results are sought by local patients in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas to be sure, but Dr. Hughes has also become one of the world’s most popular Brazilian buttlift surgeons with patients coming from Canada and Australia and all parts of the globe.

large volume transfers for maximum results

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed many high-volume outpatient liposuction (5 liters) cases and high-volume fat transfers to the buttocks (over 2 liters). This allows for an improvement in buttocks volume to the maximum extent possible.

Few plastic surgeons have performed as many of these large-volume transfers as has Dr. Hughes. Dr. Kenneth Hughes finds that fat augmentation with over 1 liter per buttock is not only safe, but the patients appreciate the dramatic change in buttocks appearance. About 50% to 75% of the fat survives, as the literature has demonstrated. Thus, results are PERMANENT after the first few months.

patient testimonial

“I had BBL with Dr. Hughes. My experience was amazing. Dr. Hughes was very straight forward about explaining the process and the results expected. He was always available and responded very quick to my emails. The staff and my nurse were also very helpful and welcoming. I’m so happy with my results! I now have a beautiful hourglass shape, very natural look which is what I wanted. Thank you all so much!”

safety and risks

For over 20 years, the Brazilian butt lift was taught to young surgeons as a method to improve the body contours and to augment hip and buttocks projection by liposuctioning unwanted areas of fat and transferring that fat to the buttocks and hips. The transfer of fat to the muscle layer was preferred, as the vascularity of the muscle was better and allowed for better fat graft viability, or take.

There is truth to this. However, there was an unknown danger of performing the surgery in this way. The fat, even though it was injected through a blunt cannula, was somehow able to get into the venous system and cause fat emboli, which could lead to death.

Although doctors knew about fat emboli as a cause of death in the Brazilian butt lift and other procedures as well, including liposuction and orthopedic procedures, and this was certainly not considered malpractice or negligence, no one realized the extent to which these fat emboli were occurring.

In 2017, a survey was taken of board-certified plastic surgeons to ask about experience with the Brazilian butt lift and the rate of fat emboli. Although only a small percentage responded, there were over 130 fat emboli reported. This number indicated that this occurs about 1:1,000 procedures.

As a result, some recommendations were provided to improve the safety of this procedure. Larger cannulae and more superficial injection into the fat and under the skin were recommended. Injecting into any portion of the muscle may cause the fat emboli to get into the venous system and result in emboli and death.

Dr. Hughes recognized the need to shift the paradigm in 2015, when he shifted to a totally subcutaneous (under the skin) procedure, which you can see in his YouTube videos. For 8 years and 2500 BBLs, Dr. Hughes has had NO cases of fat embolus.

These figures are much better statistically than average. Since 2015, there have been dozens of deaths in the U.S. alone by extremely qualified board-certified surgeons in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and across the country. In addition, though only time, numbers, and statistics will tell, the subcutaneous method may wholly eliminate the risk.

Dr. Hughes has still been able to transfer volumes of fat as high as 2,000 cc or more per buttock, but this is never deeper than the skin level. Just in July of 2018, the global task force recommended performing the procedure at the subcutaneous level or NOT AT ALL.

Safety is always number one for patients, but there are admittedly times when science gets ahead of itself. Dr. Hughes recognized the problem with injecting fat into the muscle several years ago and altered his technique accordingly.

ultrasonic guidance for the safest brazilian butt lift

An ultrasound probe can be placed at the area of any fat injection to provide an anatomic view of the underlying tissues. The ultrasound probe must be utilized appropriately and the images must be interpreted correctly to be useful. In addition, the surgeon must be able to inject fat within the visualized field in a steady fashion. Herky-jerky motions and nonvisualized maneuvers in the deeper fat plane place the patient at risk for fat injected into the muscle and a possible fat embolus. Dr. Hughes injects in subdermal fashion to provide the safest possible Brazilian buttlift.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes only injects fat directly under the skin (subdermal) and the cannula tip is visualized at all times. Some plastic surgeons will inject more deeply in the subcutaneous tissues and some even below the SFS (superficial fascia system), which can lead to inadvertent injection to the muscle fascia and muscle below.

recovery and aftercare

Patients return home from the operation the same day. Patients can usually return to work within 1 week. The swelling and bruising reduce a great amount over the first two to three weeks.

The patient is encouraged to wear the abdominal compression garment that Dr. Kenneth Hughes provides for the first six weeks to improve shape, increase the rate of healing, and decrease the rate of seroma formation (fluid collection formation). The garment should be worn low and snug on the abdomen with the lower strap of the garment at the level of the pubic bone.

All patients are required to come to the follow-up appointment and follow all postoperative instructions. Not coming for follow-up after surgery prevents Dr. Kenneth Hughes from providing proper guidance and individual attention for problems that may be occurring.

No pressure should be applied to areas of fat transfer. Sitting and pressure on the buttocks and hips should be avoided for 6 weeks. However, the patient may use a BBL pillow or similar after surgery when sitting on a plane or when sitting is required as when driving.

Patients should consume 100 g of protein per day and should not be dieting during the recovery period. The calories are needed after surgery to help retain the fat grafts and create tissue to promote blood supply to the free fat grafts.

The patient should not shower for at least 2 to 3 weeks. The incisions do not heal immediately, and they are portals to the inside of the body. Any water or sweat translocating through any of the incisions can take the bacterial flora residing on the skin of the patient into the transferred fat, which is the perfect culture medium for infection. You may clean around all incisions with a sponge bath or bird bath technique.

Swelling in the areas that are liposuctioned will take up to 6 months to resolve. Thus, the final results will not be observed for approximately 6 months. Patients are often concerned with lumps and bumps or hardness during the recovery, but the truth is that the surgical results are perfectly smooth on the table (verifiable by intraoperative videos taken by Dr. Hughes for EVERY SINGLE SURGERY).

Thus, if the patient follows the post-operative instructions to the letter and does not develop any fluid collection, the result of this butt enhancement procedure should be as smooth as the results that Dr. Hughes achieves on the surgical table.

Many patients, despite Dr. Hughes explaining what is necessary in the pre-operative and post-operative period to achieve success, simply disregard or choose not to acknowledge his thorough discussion of complications and instructions for post-operative care.

The truth is that ANY surgical result can be sabotaged by a non-compliant patient and that same irresponsible patient is far more likely to complain about Dr. Hughes or write a negative review than are the 95% of patients who follow instructions and receive amazing outcomes.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes wants patients to get the best possible results by preserving the surgical results created on the operating-room table. The key is to follow all of the post-operative instructions and stay in close contact with Dr. Hughes after surgery.


Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed more of these surgeries than almost anyone in the US. Therefore, he can tell you from watching thousands of patients throughout recovery that the results are permanent. The issue is that some of the fat does dissipate (up to 50%). Therefore, Dr. Hughes transfers about twice as much as is desired.

The buttocks tends to shrink during the first 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, the fat that is going to live has developed to the blood supply, and that fat that does not acquire blood supply is sequestered and excreted from the body.  This process is governed by known scientific principles and data and is not something that can be disputed by vehement rhetoric.  MRI studies have been done to show the fat grafts that remain in the buttocks after the Brazilian buttlift procedures.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes is very familiar with surgeons who consistently articulate that the Brazilian butt lift is ineffective, as these surgeons only perform butt augmentation with butt implants or these surgeons perform no buttocks-augmentation surgeries.

Dr. Hughes has not only performed thousands of Brazilian butt lift and buttock augmentation surgeries, but he performs butt implant surgeries as often as anyone (particularly butt implant revision surgeries of other surgeons’ work).  BOTH methods of gluteal augmentation are effective, and Dr. Kenneth Hughes will not force you into one or another (just because he only does one or the other).

ALL in ALL, the results of the Brazilian butt lift can be tailored to almost any specification within reason. It is ultimately the anatomy of the patient and the skill of the surgeon that determine the result. Dr. Hughes pays attention to patient requests and endeavors to get the results as close as possible to the patient’s goals.

The result can be conservative. The result can be dramatic.

You Decide. Dr. Kenneth Hughes Will Deliver.

Live in Los Angeles? Beverly Hills? California? East Coast? Canada? Europe? Asia? Australia? Dr. Hughes sees people from your locale every day and performs Brazilian butt lift procedures and liposuction procedures for thousands of patients just like YOU.

frequently asked questions

Butt Implants or Brazilian Buttlift?

Dr. Kenneth Hughes also performs many butt augmentation surgeries using solid silicone implants (called butt implant surgery or gluteal implant surgery). Butt implant surgery produces significant and long-lasting improvement and the results are predictable. The procedure has an extremely low rate of complications in Dr. Hughes’s experience and a high patient satisfaction rate.
This procedure is ideal for patients who are thin and lack the required fat to produce a significant volumetric improvement with the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL. Dr. Kenneth Hughes also performs many butt implant surgeries for patients who are disinclined to get a Brazilian butt lift or who want to have butt implant surgery.
Though the complication rate is low, patients should understand that every surgery has complications and some are unavoidable. Potential butt implant complications include bleeding, infection, extrusion or incision opening, poor healing, fluid collection, need for removal or replacement of implants, capsular contracture, visibility of the implants, and palpability of the implants.
It is absolutely imperative that patients follow Dr. Hughes’s very strict post-operative regimen and nutritional recommendations to avoid as many of these complications as possible. The rate of complications in Dr. Hughes’s practice and need for reoperation after butt-implant surgery is about 5%. Most of these complications are secondary to fluid collection or poor wound healing or patient tissue laxity issues.

How Long do Results Last?

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When Can I Resume Exercising after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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cost and financing options

The Brazilian butt lift costs $16,500 to $20,000 or more for patients seeking Brazilian butt lift for the first time (see financing and surgery price page for more details)

Revision Brazilian butt lifts tend to be more expensive due to the scarring from the previous surgery and the skill needed to correct and improve the original appearance

Please note that pricing and cost for the Brazilian butt lift (liposuction of the abdomen, sides, and lower back with fat transfer to buttocks) may vary based on the individual needs of the patient. Additional areas of liposuction can be added to the price at a discount.

brazilian butt lift revision surgery

The two main reasons for revision after a Brazilian butt lift are too little liposuctioned or too little transferred. About 80% of Dr. Hughes’s patients have had a previous Brazilian butt lift. Thus, it is important from a financial standpoint, a safety standpoint, and a frustration standpoint to have the surgery performed well the first time.

Dr. Hughes specializes in difficult liposuction revision and Brazilian butt lift revision cases. Revision cases (cases in which the first surgeries were performed elsewhere by another surgeon or surgeons) require much more skill and awareness to improve upon those existing anatomies and underlying issues.

Frequently, Dr. Hughes is tasked with dramatically improving the result of another surgeon who thought they did a good or reasonable procedure. Precision and expertise in these procedures is rare, and make no mistake that these procedures are much more difficult than primary (first-time) liposuction and Brazilian butt lift procedures.

schedule a consultation

Contact the office of Dr. Kenneth Hughes to schedule your consultation for a Brazilian butt lift in Los Angeles. We will be happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals

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