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Butt Implants

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, has performed expert butt implant surgeries in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for the past 2 decades. Butt implant surgery and Brazilian buttlift surgery, or fat transfer to the buttocks, are the only two legitimate forms of butt augmentation available in the United States or anywhere in the world for that matter.

If your butt is small or has no projection, butt implant surgery may be appropriate for you. If you have had butt implant surgery and are not happy with the results, the majority of Dr. Hughes’s surgeries are revision surgeries of other surgeons’ work. Did you have butt implants removed and feel deformed? Did you have a fat transfer, or Brazilian butt lift procedure, and are not satisfied? Dr. Kenneth Hughes has dealt with all of these issues many, many times before and will obtain your optimal result.

Very few plastic surgeons perform butt implant surgery, and fewer still perform it well. Please ask to see before and after pictures of only butt implant surgeries, as well as videos of these procedures. The truth is that many surgeons who advertise butt implant surgeries do not perform them. And many plastic surgeons who perform butt implant surgeries perform very few.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes selected as best butt implant surgeon in los angeles

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed hundreds of butt implant surgeries in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills using Implantech butt implants and AART butt implants. Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s butt implant work is featured on the Implantech site.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers a wide array of buttock and hip augmentation procedures, and he will have something that will suit any frame.  He performs a great number of butt implant revisions as well as Brazilian buttlift revisions.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has also been selected as the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for the past several years by 4 independent review sources (Top Plastic Surgeon Reviews, Wimgo, Three Best Rated, and Kevin’s Best Plastic Surgeons). Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s expertise and mastery of plastic surgery procedures extends far and wide into mommy makeovers, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, breast fat grafting, breast lifts, body lifts, and Bodytite.

why butt implants with dr. kenneth hughes?

In thinner patients, buttock implants may be the only option to augment as fat reserves may be in too small a supply. The benefits of buttock implants will be that they are permanent solution. The implants are solid silicone with some flexibility. These will not rupture in the conventional sense. They will provide a durable and predictable improvement.

butt implants within the muscle for best butt implant results

Dr. Hughes places implants within the muscle to minimize being able to feel or see the implants. This creates a much more natural result. The intramuscular placement also reduces the risk for capsular contracture and sciatic nerve damage. The main problem with butt implants in general is that some patients think that they are too hard or they look fake. Much of this concern is unwarranted with a butt implant specialist such as Dr. Kenneth Hughes who can make the result look natural.

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, MD performs the butt enhancement procedure through two 7 to 8 cm incisions between the buttocks at the top of the buttock crease. A wide array of volumes and shapes of implants can be placed based upon patient anatomical dimensions and desires for augmentation.

The procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours to perform. The pocket is meticulously dissected under direct vision for better hemostasis and pocket control. At the end of the operation, the implants are placed in an antibiotic solution into the pocket of the exact same size as the implant. This reduces the risk for rotation or migration of the implant and the likelihood for fluid collection. A video is taken of the pocket dissected and a video is taken of the final result, so that a patient cannot allege that nothing but the best was performed by Dr. Hughes.

what is the cost of butt implant surgery in los angeles and beverly hills?

  • The cost for butt implant surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is $17000 for the initial butt implant surgery.
  • The cost for butt implant revision surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is $17,000 to $25,000 for revision butt implant surgery (when surgery is done somewhere else and needs to be fixed or repaired or improved).

Please note that pricing and cost for butt implant surgery may vary based on the individual needs of the patient. Dr. Kenneth Hughes operates in both Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and fees may differ slightly.

butt implant shapes: round and oval

There are two main types of solid silicone buttock or gluteal implants. There are round implants and oval implants. In general, Dr. Hughes places round implants to improve the roundness of the buttocks, give the illusion of hips, and prevent the buttocks from looking long or narrow. The oval implants can be easily placed – in fact they are much easier to place than round implants – but long narrow buttocks are not frequently the goal of most patients. In addition, no matter how oval implants may be designed or placed they can certainly rotate within the pocket and cause deformity.

how to select the butt implant size

Butt implants range in size from very small (100+ cc) to the largest of 715 cc. While placing smaller implants is technically easier and does result in fewer complications, the truth is that most patients are not interested in buttock implants smaller than 300 cc in the vast majority of cases. In fact, most patients want to push their anatomic limits with implants larger than 400 cc.

If you are looking for maximal buttock augmentation with butt implants, the surgery must be executed by a true expert in these procedures. There is literally no room for error as the implant must be completely enveloped in muscle for the best result so that the implant outlines or contours are not apparent or obvious to the casual observer. Dr. Hughes has revised many butt implant surgeries by other experts in the field due to obvious or superficial placement of the implants or due to a very small implant being placed from the first surgery.

combining butt implants with brazilian buttlift for the ultimate transformation

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, MD frequently combines liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, waist and back to improve overall body proportions. Dr. Hughes can transfer fat the buttocks and hips as well at the same time by performing the Brazilian butt lift or hip fat transfer. In fact, many patients will ask Dr. Hughes to perform large buttock implants (Dr. Hughes places many of the largest butt implants available – 715 cc round implants) and then transfer as much fat as possible to the hips to create the most buttock projection and the largest hips possible. This can really create an illusion of an amazing hourglass figure in almost anyone no matter what the starting point.

Dr. Hughes is also an expert at revising butt implants and placing new implants or fat grafting to the buttocks. Dr. Hughes sees at least a couple of patients a week who want butt implant surgeries revised either due to their appearance, or pain, or size concerns, or poor symmetry. Dr. Hughes is an expert at revising pockets and changing the planes of placement of implants. Dr. Hughes corrects buttock deformities after implant removal, infection, fluid collection, tissue trauma or loss, etc.

your butt implant surgery day

On the day of surgery, you will arrive to the surgery center approximately one hour prior to the beginning of the buttocks enhancement surgery. The paperwork and consents will be finalized as well as additional questions answered. Vital signs will be obtained as well as additional history and physical information obtained by the nurse and anesthesiologist.

The anesthesiologist will meet with you to explain the anesthesia process and answer any concerns about anesthesia. The patient will meet with Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, MD again to reiterate the surgical plan and to answer any additional questions or concerns.

The patient will be taken into the operating room and administered relaxing medication and be ushered off to sleep. The butt implant surgery itself will take about 1.5 hours on average, and the patient will be transferred to the recovery room upon completion. The patient will remain in recovery for 1 to 2 hours before departing from the surgery center with a responsible adult. You may not leave in a taxi or Uber without a responsible adult joining you.

butt implant recovery

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, MD will go over an extensive postoperative protocol with you that will include eating 100 grams of protein each day and not being in calorie deficit mode. In the few cases of wound separation or extrusion, the patient was not consuming adequate calories and protein to heal. After surgery, your body requires more nutrients to heal. After having surgery is not the time to start a diet. Patients must have adequate nutrition going into surgery and patients must continue to follow these instructions for at least 8 weeks.

Dr. Hughes will also ask you to limit your activity and perform no exercise for 8 weeks. It is very important for patients to realize that the implants are placed within the gluteus maximus muscle, which is the largest muscle in your body. In addition, the gluteus maximus muscle is engaged and contracts when walking and standing, particularly with longer steps or when going up stairs.

Thus, the patient should only take small, calculated steps and should refrain from going up and down stairs throughout the recovery process. There is no question that muscle contraction in these situations can increase the risk of complications including implant extrusion, incision opening and wound healing issues, and also fluid collection or seroma formation.

Patients must realize that even a perfectly executed surgery can be sabotaged if postoperative instructions are not followed and activity restrictions are not followed. Buttock implant surgery involves a difficult recovery that requires patient compliance. Smoking of any kind will not be tolerated 4 weeks before surgery and for at least 8 weeks after surgery.

Dr. Hughes will frequently place drains with buttock implants, because fluid collection is frequently the only issue that confronts a patient after a surgery with Dr. Hughes. These drains should be stripped every 1 to 2 hours to prevent clogs within the drains and to provide efficient removal of fluid from the surgical cavity. The drain volumes should be recorded every 24 hours to determine the appropriate time for drain removal. Drains are typically removed at the 3 week mark, though larger drain output volumes may require a slightly longer period. These drains are the patient’s lifeline to a successful recovery. Early removal of the drains by the patient is not acceptable and may lead to removal of the butt implants.

All patients must followup with Dr. Kenneth Hughes. Dr. Kenneth Hughes realizes that some patients will come from other areas of the country or other countries. However, patients must come to be evaluated in the postoperative period after butt implant surgery no matter where they live. Patients who have any problems following instructions or who encounter problems in the postoperative period will be asked to return for additional followups. Surgery is big commitment, and Dr. Hughes can only help you if you make yourself available.

Patients should not shower or bathe in the conventional sense after butt implant surgery.  Neither sweat nor water should enter the incisions after buttock implant surgery as this can lead to infection, incision disruption, and scar widening.  Patients should clean areas of the body around the incisions in sponge bath fashion for the first 3 to 4 weeks.

butt implant surgery results

If all of the postoperative protocols are followed strictly, the chances of having any problems with a butt implant are small.  Patients should always recognize that implants can shift or move over time, especially if the patient’s tissues are weak or if the butt implants are large.  This concept is not unlike maintenance with breasts following breast augmentation surgery in which breasts may require breast implant revision surgery or breast lift surgery.  Butt implants also thin out tissues over time, which can lead to visibility or palpability of the implants as well as implant rotation or movement.

common concerns

patient expectations for butt implant surgery

In the end, a disciplined and receptive patient can enjoy the benefits of a permanently improved buttock and hip contour by having butt implant surgery with one of the few true experts in the field of buttock augmentation.
Dr. Hughes performs so many butt implant surgeries and Brazilian buttlift surgeries (BBLs) that Dr. Hughes is not interested in trying to convince the patient that one surgery is bad and one surgery is good as so many surgeons attempt to do. Dr. Hughes will provide recommendations, but, in the end, it is the patient’s decision on whether to pursue a Brazilian buttlift or butt implant surgery with solid silicone implants.

hip implants and butt implants

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, MD has removed hip implants and corrected hip implant position as well as restored contour after hip implant removal or hip implant complications. The main issue with hip implants is the lack of tissue to cover them to create a natural long-lasting result. The patients who need the implants most have the least coverage in the area as there are no true muscle bellies in that area. Don’t believe it? Just look at any men’s or women’s bodybuilding contestant and notice the enormous dents due to the lack of the muscle in that area.
The best way to approach hip augmentation is to place larger round butt implants to improve the lateral fullness or hip area, while allowing the gluteus maximus fibers to cover the lateral portion of the implant. Fat grafting to the hips can also effectively augment the results.
If a patient is truly adamant about hip implants, Dr. Hughes will place the hip implants, provided the patient understands the procedure and has realistic expectations.

complications of butt implant surgery

The main complications of butt implants include fluid collection, infection, bleeding, nerve injury, capsular contracture, extrusion of implants, implant malposition, tissue thinning or implant descent, implant palpability, implant visibility, and incision opening with a variety of healing issues.
Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, MD performs the butt implant surgery in a meticulously sterile environment to reduce the risk of surgical site infection to essentially zero. In fact, the two infections ever encountered occurred a week or more and sometimes 2 to 3 weeks later. This is the result of the patient allowing bacteria to migrate into the incisions due to wiping practices or cleaning methods.

arrange your butt implant consultation in los angeles and beverly hills

Learn more about butt implants in Los Angeles by contacting the office of Dr. Kenneth Hughes for an informative consultation. Get in touch today to set up your appointment.

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