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Botox and Dysport Treatments in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA

Treating frown lines, wrinkles, forehead lines, and crow’s feet was a challenging affair until the introduction of Botox and Dysport. These two popular injectable treatment options eliminate fine facial wrinkles and lines by relaxing your facial muscles. Acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers Botox and Dysport in Los Angeles.

What Are Botox and Dysport?

Botox and Dysport injections have the ability to reduce facial wrinkles and lines. The medications are both approved by the FDA. They are neuromodulators, substances that affect neurotransmitters released in the central nervous system.

These products are injected directly into underlying muscles to relax them, allowing the overlying skin to relax and letting wrinkles fade away. The results obtained from an injection treatment last for about three to four months.

The products are composed of botulinum toxin, which is a powerful neurotoxic protein made by Clostridium botulinum, a species of bacteria. Botox is the very first medicine to make use of this. Botox injections use a toxin known as onobotulinumtoxin A, which causes flaccid paralysis of muscles by blocking the receptors that signal muscles to contract. Dysport injections use abobotulinumtoxin A, which achieves the same effect.

Which Issues Can Botox and Dysport Treat?

These neuromodulators can treat a variety of wrinkles and lines. They can be used to address glabellar lines (vertical lines between the eyebrows), crow’s feet around the eyes, horizontal forehead wrinkles, chin dimples, bunny lines, and vertical platysmal neck bands.

Botox injections are also used in the treatment of cervical dystonia (neck spasms), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in areas like the underarms), lazy eye, and overactive bladder. They may also prevent chronic cases of migraine headaches.

I feel very thrilled with Dr. Hughes’ work. He was very honest. He was very patient and respectful. I do not regret choosing him. My husband was very thrilled with the results. I will gladly recommend him with everyone I know. Thank you Dr. Hughes!

The Treatment Process

The process for Botox and Dysport injections is very straightforward and quite convenient. The session often takes only 15 to 20 minutes in total.

At the start of the treatment, the targeted areas are cleansed. Marks are made to serve as guides for the injector. Anesthetic is then administered to ensure a comfortable procedure. Finally, the injections are precisely delivered to the treatment regions.

Aftercare and Results

Once the treatment session is complete, patients are able to go right back to work and their everyday schedule without any need for downtime or recovery time. The sessions are so quick that patients often come in during their lunch break to get a treatment performed.

The results of Botox treatment start to show within a week to ten days. The results of Dysport treatment show in two to three days. Once the results have started to fade, patients can return for follow-up treatments.

Botox and Dysport Cost

The price of Botox and Dysport treatment sessions varies depending on the practice you choose for your treatments. Additionally, cost is impacted by the number of units of Botox or Dysport used to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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