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Butt Implants Los Angeles, CA

Is your buttock too small? Is your buttock not round? Is your buttock droopy? Are your hips too small?

If any of these things bother you, Dr. Hughes has a solution for you. Dr. Hughes offers a wide array of buttock and hip augmentation procedures, and he will have something that will suit any frame.

Dr. Hughes performs hundreds of buttock augmentations each year for patients from around the world. Come in for a consultation to be evaluated or send pictures through this website.

In thinner patients, buttock implants may be the only option to augment as fat reserves may be in too small a supply. The benefits of buttock implants will be that they are permanent solution. The implants are semisolid silicone with some flexibility. These will not rupture in the conventional sense. They will provide a durable improvement.

Dr. Hughes places implants within the muscle to minimize being able to feel or see the implants. This creates a much more natural result. The intramuscular placement also reduces the risk for capsular contracture and sciatic nerve damage.

Dr. Hughes performs the procedure through a small 6 cm incision between the buttocks at the top of the crease. A wide array of volumes and shapes of implants can be placed based upon patient anatomical dimensions and desires for augmentation. The procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours. The pocket is meticulously dissected under direct vision for better hemostasis and pocket control. At the end of the operation, the implants are placed in an antibiotic solution into the pocket of the exact same size as the implant. This reduces the risk for rotation or migration of the implant and the likelihood for fluid collection.

Dr. Hughes frequently combines liposuction of the waist and back to improve overall body proportions. Dr. Hughes can transfer fat the buttocks and hips as well at the same time.

Dr. Hughes is also an expert at revising butt implants and placing new implants or fat grafting to the buttocks.

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