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Gummy Bear Implants — Los Angeles Breast Surgery

Breast augmentationis the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the U.S. each and every year. Now, a new type of breast implant is in high demand across the U.S. This FDA-approved product is characterized by both its shape and texture. Women with an aversion to the all-too-familiar rounded implants can now reconsider their options thanks to the arrival of gummy bear implants.

Gummy bear implants are the nickname used to describe form-stable implants comprised of a silicone gel filling. It is the implant’s consistency that separates it from the alternatives and provides patients with a more form stable result.  The risk for rippling in these more solid implants is less.  Early statistical analysis reveals that the gummy bear implant may reduce the risk of capsular contracture compared to conventional or standard silicone implants.

Similar to the squishy candy from which the name derives, gummy bear implants maintain enough firmness to hold their natural shape.  Gummy bear implants were originally designed in an anatomic or tear drop shape.  Since that time, many of the breast implant companies have developed round gummy bear implant options, which have always been more popular for cosmetic breast augmentations.

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