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Dr. Kenneth Hughes Latest Reviews of October 2021

Butt Implants and Fat Transfer to the Hips Review for Dr. Kenneth Hughes

11 Oct 2021

Dr Kenneth Hughes was great I had 2 procedure I love both of them. First procedure he had fix my butt implants a previous dr messed up on. I came back for a fat transfer my hips so far I love results him and Nataly were so patient and kind I will be back soon for a tummy tuck.  I recommend him 100%.

The Best Results – Dr. Kenneth Hughes Review

  • 25 Aug 2021
  • 4 months post

I went to Dr. Hughes for a mini BBL and lipo revision. I am impressed with Dr. Hughes level of skill and knowledge. He gave me expert advice on what was possible, along with things he did not recommend. It is a nice and reassuring feeling to have complete trust with your surgeon. He is honest and does what is best for the patient. Post-op was very easy. I healed well and quickly thanks to Dr. Hughes. Overall, I am very happy with my results. The staff was friendly, quick to respond, and professional. I also met Dr. Hughes father on the day of surgery, as well as post-op. His father was kind, welcoming, and engaging. It was a pleasure meeting him. I saw Dr. Hughes for a revision to fix what the previous surgeon did wrong. If I could have done things all over again, I would have went to Dr. Hughes in the first place. He gives the best results possible. Thank you Dr. Hughes!

Butt Implants with Inferior Buttock Lift After Traumatic BBL – Dr. Kenneth Hughes Review

25 Jun 2021

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, (or Dr. Ken as I like to call him), Nataly, and his staff at Hughes Plastic Surgery are absolutely incredible.  Since November of 2020, I have been on a physical and emotional roller coaster ride. Thanks to his amazing skill in creating and achieving beautiful surgical outcomes in his patients, (even those cases that are difficult because they are revisions from another surgeon’s work, or procedures that aren’t commonly practiced among other plastic surgeons), I am here today to share my story.  Dr. Ken’s top priority is the health and safety of his patients. He will help you achieve the aesthetic goals you are looking for, but he will also be HONEST about how it needs to be handled, so everything is done in the SAFEST manner and in a way that achieves the best results. He performs many surgeries each year that many other plastic surgeons only do occasionally or refuse to do at all, because they say they can’t be done effectively.

Dr. Ken proves that these surgeries not only can be done, but can be done with INCREDIBLE precision and results, if done correctly, safely, and by a skilled and educated plastic surgeon. His care and concern for his patients is obvious from the moment you walk in the doors of Hughes Plastic Surgery. It is impeccably clean, they safely follow every Covid-19 safety protocol, and he makes the time to see you pre-op, in the OR, and post-operatively. I can’t say that about too many surgeons.

When I came to Dr. Ken, I had just gone through a horrific plastic surgery experience.  I was deeply skeptical, terrified, and just plain suspicious of any plastic surgeon at that point.  I had gone to a new plastic surgeon for a breast reconstruction correction (one of my implants had failed after 3 years and my previous plastic surgeon had retired), and then I made the mistake of also having Lipo 360 and a BBL. I did this because I had always been a fit woman, but at almost 44 years old, I had gained about 20 pounds despite exercising 5-7 days a week and monitoring what I ate vigilantly. Looking at photos on social media was devastating for me because I just couldn’t achieve “that” look no matter how hard I worked out or ate conscientiously.

I thought I did adequate research on both the procedure and the surgeon I had chosen, but looking back, I knew nothing and was totally unprepared for the experience. I didn’t realize how dangerous BBL surgeries could be. I had never heard of RealSelf, so I didn’t check there, and all of the reviews for the surgeon I had chosen SEEMED outstanding (of course they would be, they were on his website and his IG profile).  BOTH of my breast implants ruptured through infected incisions, requiring emergency surgery with a plastic surgeon here at home that specialized in dealing with cancer patients and reconstruction. I was devastated because I had to have my implants removed for several months in order to clear the infection and allow my incisions to heal. I didn’t even have to do that when I had my initial double mastectomy in 2017. I had fat necrosis and infection.  I had fibrosis and serious Lipo burns, and my bottom looked horrible. It was lumpy, had dimples that it never had before, and it definitely didn’t match the photoshopped shape that so many surgeons show of their patients after supposedly ONE round of BBL surgery.

I knew I had to do something. I had pain all over my body from the burns, necrosis, and fibrosis, and I had gone through months of sitting on a BBL pillow for no reason.  Most of the transferred fat died and I may have ended up with a slightly larger bottom, but it certainly wasn’t more shapely. In fact, it had looked rounder and nicer before the surgery. I knew I needed someone who had experience with correcting issues from other surgeries, and let’s face it, most plastic surgeons don’t want to touch that. I knew I didn’t want to go through another BBL, because what little results I had didn’t last, and most of the change to my body was negative.I started researching butt implants and doctors that could do them and do them well. My body wouldn’t be able to handle any more lipo due to the condition of the skin on my sides/flanks, so I knew that was out for a BBL, and I didn’t want to go through the bleeding, oozing, “Oh my God, is this normal?, I think I’m going to die” part of the BBL that my previous surgeon had said nothing to me about.

In fact, I only saw him for a few minutes for a consult the day before my surgery, and then for a few minutes while he marked me up prior to surgery.  I never saw him after that, not in the OR, not post-op and not even when their office knew my Lipo burns were serious and infected and my breast incisions were not healing properly and most likely infected as well.

I had traveled far from where I lived for the BBL surgery (within the US), because there aren’t many plastic surgeons that have a lot of experience with BBL around me.  There are even fewer that use butt implants or will do corrective surgery after another surgeon has botched something.

I found Dr. Ken’s website and I was impressed by all of the pictures in his gallery. He obviously had a LOT of experience and did the type of surgery I was looking for on a daily basis. Let that be a lesson to all of us that if you see a plastic surgeon reposting the same before and after pics over and over, it’s probably because they don’t have too many successful outcomes that they can post to draw patients in.

On the other hand, Dr. Ken had an ENORMOUS gallery of photos of all types of surgeries. And the results looked amazing from the before and after. The more I researched him, the more I liked his approach and personality. I was still super nervous about traveling all the way across the country, however, to have this surgery. I was worried about the flight home, and about being far away from my family again and things going horribly wrong.When I contacted Dr. Hughes’ office, I shared all of my concerns. Dr. Ken and Nataly did everything they could to put me at ease.

I love that Dr. Ken will recommend what he feels is best for you, and explain why. He is Harvard educated and trained and it shows.  From the moment of my first consult, when I emailed him, he PERSONALLY emailed me back.  I don’t know many surgeons that do that.  He is obviously dedicated to the health, safety and satisfaction of his clients.  If you ask him to do something that he feels will cause issues (i.e. place larger implants that your body can handle), he will tell you why it’s not a good idea.

A lot of surgeons will just do what you want because they are there for the payday and don’t really care at the end of the day, so they will just do whatever the patient asks, even if it’s not going to achieve the best result or be safe.   I followed Dr. Ken’s post surgical instructions precisely, because I knew he wanted great results for me as much as I did.

I remember flying into LA the day before my surgery and being so nervous. When I arrived for my surgery and entered the building, it was so clean and professional that I felt immediately at ease.  Entering Hughes’ Plastic Surgery was an entirely different scenario. The staff was courteous and prompt (I never waited more than 5 minutes for Dr. Ken), the office was immaculate, and I knew when Dr. Ken walked into the room and started talking to me that I was in the right surgeon’s hands.  He only took 3 photos of me—a rear facing photo, and photos from each side—not the slew of photos that I had to have taken at the previous surgeon’s so they could crop, and photoshop, and manipulate the angle.  He doesn’t have to use “trick photography” or “gimmicky” lighting or backgrounds because his work speaks for itself without those things.

It can be a little nerve wracking with Covid protocols (which may have changed since my surgery), to only meet face to face the day of your surgery, but he put me at ease right away.  When I had had my FaceTime consult, he knew that I wanted butt implants to correct the BBL issues, but he also recommended an inferior buttock lift to help achieve the shape I was looking for and to correct the problems created by the prior surgery.  He did not push me to do this additional procedure, he simply explained why it would help and what he would do.  Most doctors won’t even do these lifts because they say they don’t work.

Let me tell you — Dr. Ken KNOWS what works for each of his patients!!! I had the butt implants placed (and Nataly even explained to me how the different sizes of implants would create projection or widen my hips more—I had assumed the bigger the implant the larger the projection, but that is not necessarily so).  I was so happy to be with Dr. Ken and his staff and have them explain these things to me.  I don’t remember the exact size I went with, I think it was 450 cc or something like that.  When I asked about going larger, Dr. Ken said it would be a mistake because most likely my incisions would open and I would end up having to have them removed anyway.

That’s what I love about him—he will tell it to you straight about what is best.  His honesty is refreshing!  He is the doctor and you have to trust him and trust the process.  The nursing staff they recommended for me was fabulous during my stay (my fiancé could not accompany me because he had to stay with our children), so it was great having a competent, knowledgeable, and sweet nurse.

One of the things that meant the most to me that was Dr. Ken was there for my pre-surgery visit, he was in the OR before my surgery, and he was there when I woke up.   Considering the previous surgeon had ghosted me, even knowing I was having issues, this meant the world to me and gave me a priceless sense of peace. Dr. Ken’s office also didn’t herd me out like cattle the second I started waking up. They waited until it was safe for me to leave with my nurse to go back to my hotel.   I remember Dr. Ken being at the bedside asking how I felt when I woke up. He said I had had an enormous amount of scar tissue in my buttocks that he had to work through from the previous surgery (which is probably why my bottom ended up looking more “dimpled” after the BBL surgery). I’m not going to lie, the surgery was painful.

However, because I had been through so much just a few short months before that, I was able to handle it well.  My nurse commented numerous times how surprised she was that I was able to push myself up to get out of bed or assist with crawling back in. I had to sleep on my stomach for 6 weeks.  I think I actually slept on my stomach a little longer than that, just because it was difficult to get comfortable any other way.  I had my drains in when I returned home.  Dr. Ken likes to keep the drains in longer then most surgeons to avoid build retention, which is one of the main complications of butt implant surgery.  He gave me specific directions and I followed them.  He gave me a letter for on the plane so I could walk around and didn’t have to sit very much (pretty much just landing and take off) because I had a 5 hour flight home and then another 1.5 hour car ride home from the airport.  In the first few weeks, it was difficult to walk and I didn’t do stairs or bend or squat (it pulled at my incisions too much).  But everything proceeded as he told me it would and he continued to answer every email I sent him with questions as I was healing.

I feel like Dr. Ken saved my life. Not only does he care about achieving the best results for his patients—he truly is a perfectionist—he also cares about his patients and their health and safety.  This makes him an incredibly special doctor, surgeon, and person. I don’t know how to explain it in words—your surgical success is also his—he takes it personally, in an AMAZING way.  I remember how the mood was in the OR and his focus right before I fell asleep—it was like an incredibly skilled NFL player getting psyched for a Super Bowl win.  That may not be the right analogy, but it’s as if he was as psyched and happy to be fixing my issues as I was to BEING fixed SAFELY.   He does everything precisely and for reasons we may not understand (because we aren’t the ones who studied and practiced and have years of experience as Harvard surgeons), but his results are always impeccable IF YOU follow his aftercare instructions.

He was very specific about that with me and told me he could execute a surgery perfectly, but if a patient didn’t follow aftercare instructions, it could immediately ruin what could have been a perfect result (or as close as we get to perfection in this world). If he tells you to keep the drains in for 3 weeks, do it!It’s to reduce or eliminate complications from fluid build up! If he says strip the drains EVERY HOUR, do it! It keeps them from clogging and allows them to drain the fluid! I followed his advice to the T, because I did not want any further issues or complications. I am 44 years old and too old to keep having surgery, especially with my autoimmune issues.

Remember, you’re not looking for a flashy used car salesman, and that’s how some of these plastic surgeons on IG, social media, or the web come across—you’re looking for a doctor, a specialist, a surgeon, who is trained, precise, knowledgeable, and cares about your results as much as you do!!! That is why I highly recommend Dr. Ken at Hughes Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do the surgery that he did for me.

If I ever need any future surgeries or have any issues, I know I am in good hands with him, and I wouldn’t hesitate to fly across the country again to have the security of being in the hands of a master surgeon who CARES! I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery with Dr. Ken, and I am only 3 months post op. I imagine at 6 months to a year when things have had more time to settle, “fluff”, and heal, I will be ecstatic. I couldn’t ask for more pleasing results, honestly, or a better surgical experience. If you are considering any type of plastic surgery, Dr. Ken is your man!