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Fat Necrosis
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Fat Necrosis Removal Los Angeles & Beverly Hills with Dr. Kenneth Hughes

Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs a great number of revisions of all types of surgery. Many times patients have run out of options or have no options when they seek out Dr. Hughes’s expertise.  Dr. Hughes sees patients who have been to 20 or 30 consultations looking for an answer and have been turned away. This presents a unique situation in which Dr. Kenneth Hughes possesses the tools and skill to remedy a situation that others do not.

The removal of dead fat also called fat necrosis can be a daunting task.  Although many times fat necrosis may improve over a period of time, sometimes the fat necrosis or dead fat can be debilitating to daily tasks and can cause chronic pain particularly with sitting or reclining. Dr. Kenneth Hughes has removed huge bricks of fat necrosis from patients’ buttocks and hips and many other areas as well. This always necessitates an incision.

Dead fat cannot simply be removed by the liposuction process or with any type of liposuction technique. Liposuction can only remove lower density materials through the power of vacuum suction. Fat necrosis results when the fat dies due to lack of blood supply and dystrophic calcification occurs -thus creating a hard calcific ultradense brick of tissue. This dead tissue must be cut out or excised.  Many of these patients have undergone Brazilian buttlift or BBL from another surgeon and have developed fat necrosis from the fat transfer procedure.


Patients who do not have any pre-existing conditions that affect the healing process are ideal candidates for fat necrosis removal. Non-smokers are preferred, since smoking can negatively affect recovery. If you are a smoker and are in need of fat necrosis removal, it will be best to avoid smoking for several weeks before the procedure date.

Mothers who are still breastfeeding are typically advised to wait before applying for fat necrosis removal. This can be discussed during a consultation.


Patients who are in need of fat necrosis removal must schedule a consultation with Dr. Hughes. During the consultation, Dr. Hughes will ask questions regarding the location of the dead fat, potential causes, symptoms, and the patient’s medical history. This can include information about allergies, past procedures, and current medications.

Dr. Hughes will examine the problem areas carefully to determine how to best approach the removal of the dead fat. He will create an effective and safe surgical plan, which he will discuss with the patient to ensure understanding. If the patient has any questions or concerns regarding the procedure, they can bring them up at this point.

Fat Necrosis Surgery Los Angeles

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Incision Placement and Strategy in Fat Necrosis Removal Surgeries

The question is where to place the incision and how long to make the incision. A patient obviously wants to have as inconspicuous a scar as possible. In the many cases, Dr. Kenneth Hughes makes the incision under the buttock, at the top of the buttock, or within a tattoo. Dr. Hughes then dissects to the level of fat necrosis for removal. Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs this with the help of a lighted retractor so that he can both visualize the offending fat necrosis and feel for the dead fat with his opposing hand.

Sometimes the necrotic tissue is hard throughout and is removed as a brick. Sometimes, the dead fat has a hard outer shell and the inside contains more liquid material. Either way these are good things to remove, because the removal reduces pain, can reduce contour deformities, and reduces the risk for future infection.

Most recently, Dr. Kenneth Hughes removed a great deal of fat necrosis from an individual and then removed a great deal of skin from the buttock fold at the same time. This procedure accomplished two goals for the patient: 1) the patient wanted to remove the obviously hard, dead calcified fat and 2) the patient wanted to make the area appear smoother and make the buttocks appear shorter and rounder without a lot of loose, hanging skin. Dr. Hughes was able to improve all of these aspects at one surgery with the inferior buttock lift incision.

The inferior buttock lift surgery is a surgery that very few surgeons perform or perform in a certain way. The goal of the procedure is not to flatten the buttock or to reduce the buttock/leg definition, but rather it is to tighten the skin of the posterior thigh and improve the buttock shape as well as the sagging or droopiness of the buttocks.

Sometimes Dr. Kenneth Hughes utilizes this approach in conjunction with the lower posterior body lift incision and/or fat grafting. Sometimes, the removal of the dead fat is done at one time with the inferior buttock lift. In the future, the patient can be reconstructed with fat grafting or implants to improve the areas of removal if necessary.


Following fat necrosis removal, patients are advised to rest and relax as much as possible during their recovery period. Avoid putting pressure on the affected area, and follow the post-surgical care instructions provided by Dr. Hughes as closely as possible.

Swelling and bruising may be present for a time in the treatment area. Wearing post-surgical garments may be recommended to control swelling. Time off from work may be required.

Cost of Fat Necrosis Removal Surgery in Los Angeles

One Area of Fat Necrosis Removal (simple) $7000

Bilateral Fat Necrosis Removal (simple) $11,000

Bilateral Multiple Areas of Fat Necrosis Removal $12500 to $20,000 or more

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