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Chin Implant Surgery Los Angeles Beverly Hills Photo Galleries
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        Dr. Hughes performs chin implant surgery without making a visible scar.  Your friends will never know you had surgery.  You will look and feel better with a short recovery time. 
        Chin augmentation is a powerful tool in changing facial proportions and dimensions to produce beauty.  Although you may not know if a chin implant is right for you, Dr. Hughes will be able to instantly determine if this procedure can benefit you.
         You do not have to replace the implant after a certain period of time.  The results below are dramatic, and patients always love the results of their chin implants.
        Chin Implant Los Angeles 11             Chin Implant Los Angeles 12
       This chin augmentation totally changed her appearance, and she was ecstatic with the result.  She has no external scar, and the result is completely natural. 
  Chin Augmentation Los Angeles 13          Chin Augmentation Los Angeles 14        
           Chin Implant Beverly Hills 5                  Chin Implant Beverly Hills 6                
       This patient had a dramatic transformation with her chin implant procedure without an external scar.  The result is immediate and gratifying to the patient and surgeon alike.
Chin Augmentation Beverly Hills 7        Chin Augmentation Beverly Hills 8
This patient wanted a much stronger chin.  As you can see from the photos, the lower part of the face appears longer and stronger with chin augmentation utilizing an implant alone.
Chin Implant Revisions
Chin Implant in Los Angeles 19Chin Implant in Los Angeles 20
   Chin Implant in Los Angeles 19        Chin Implant in Los Angeles 20
The previous implant was removed after malposition of the implant.  A new implant was placed into a new pocket with satisfactory result.
Patient requested larger implant.
Chin Implant Removal
This patient from Asia was bothered by a chin implant put in 20 years prior.  The implant was removed with an improvement in facial balance.

chin implant Los Angeles chin implant Beverly Hills Harvard

chin implant Los Angeles chin augmentation Los Angeles Harvard

chin implant Los Angeles chin augmentation  Beverly Hills Harvard