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Body Fx – FDA approved for fat reduction and cellulite reduction (compare Coolsculpting/Cellfina)
Fractora – #1 FDA approved for wrinkles and acne scarring (greater results, less downtime)
PRP (platelet rich plasma) – for hair loss and skin rejuvenation

Chin Implants Los Angeles, CA

Chin implant surgery has become increasingly popular in the last several years. The number of surgeries performed has increased 70% in the last year alone. If you have a weak chin or do not like your profile view a chin implant procedure may be the right procedure for you. If your nose appears too large for your face, a chin implant may help as well as rhinoplasty.

Dr. Hughes performs chin augmentation through one of two incisions, an intraoral (within the mouth) or a submental (under the chin). The intraoral incision has no external scar, and the submental incision is hidden in the chin crease. Either approach represents a virtually scarless surgery.

Dr. Hughes offers the full gamut of sizes and types of implants so that he can choose the implant that is suited to your anatomy and personal taste.

The procedure is a short outpatient procedure that lasts about 30 minutes. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia. You have a little bruising or swelling for three or four days, but the postoperative course is smooth and has few complications. In addition, the patient notices immediate improvement.

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